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Grosbasket is a specialized provider of basketball equipment of the renowned brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Under Armor, McDavid, K1X, SKLZ, New Era and others. Grosbasket was founded with the purpose to supply the market in one place with the best equipment which the basketball player needs to develop and to achieve his goals. By knowing the basketball market and with our professional approach, commitment, passion, and vision we want to be a part of basketball-urban community which is created by all those who have been touched by the basketball one way or another.



Our beginnings date back to 2014 when, from the initial idea to offer to the market something new, different, and better. So, the company Grosbasket was formed, the first specialized provider of basketball equipment in our country. Everything started with a small show room in the size of 40 m2 in small town Grosuplje and an online shop. We were full of enthusiasm and hard-working and already after one year we felt that it was the time to make a step forward. Thus, in 2016 we moved to Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, where on the area of over 440 m2 we solemnly opened the door of one of the most modern stores in Europe. Do you want to know how the opening looked like? Check it out in our video! 



But our story doesn’t stop here. One year later we opened another Grosbasket shop, this time in Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. In order, to make the experience of a basketball player truly unforgettable we provide, in addition to a modern design and excellent offer, also the real basketball court, which is located at both of our shops. Can you imagine that you test your footwear on the real basketball court prior to purchase? Unforgettable! We are continuing our journey and our vision – to expand Grosbasket, share unforgettable basketball shop experience, and giving strong support to the whole European basketball community!