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Throw training devices Dr. Dish

Introduction of Dr. Dish Brand

Dr. Dish is a brand owned by the American company Airborne Athletics. At its beginnings in the 90s, the company was oriented mostly towards designing and manufacturing volleyball training equipment. In 2003, they introduced the first basketball training machine called Dr. Dish, which was using Consistent Air Technology (CAT). It is the most innovative game-scenario simulation machine, providing players with the opportunity to practice game-like situations with game-like passes. It also targets all aspects of the basketball game, shooting, rebounding, and defense, and it helps you improve your shooting percentage, correct your form, and develop muscle memory.

Dr. Dish Products

Dr. Dish Rebel+

A cost-effective, fully automatic and programmable shooting machine that tracks your makes and attempts. build and save your own custom drills (even out of order to get your kids on the move), all with an updated, modern design that includes a touchscreen.

Additional Details:

  • The Dr. Dish rebel basketball shooting machine offers the best value in programmable, fully-automatic, basketball shooting machines in the market today.
  • The Dr. Dish rebel is easy to set-up and even easier to use, at 18% smaller and 32% lighter than the competition.
  • With the large lcd interface, customizing the tempo, locations and balls per location for drills is a breeze!
  • Coaches and parents love the compact storage and just how easy it is to use.
  • Adding a fully-automatic basketball shooting machine for your program, or your backyard is now a possibility with the Dr. Dish rebel.
  • Even the Dr. Dish rebel comes with a shots made counter that tracks total makes and attempts throughout each drill.
  • Simple, user-friendly management.
  • Choose your own shooting position.
  • Detailed analytics with lots of useful statistics.
  • Set your own pass speed and distance.
  • Fast passing option.
  • Adjustable net.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.

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Dr. Dish Rabel basketball system

Dr. Dish All-Star+

Take the technology infused Dr. Dish pro shooting machine and add a patented net system for away from the basket training and you get the dr. Dish all-star basketball shooting machine. Train the perimeter and inside game. Imagine what 1000's of extra finishing reps could do for your program!

Additional Details:

  • Communicates with your iphone and the all new Dr. Dish app.
  • Large lcd interface displays real-time stats by location.
  • Workout goals to push practice to a new level.
  • Rotatable net for outlet passes.
  • Post entry passes.
  • Exercises to improve ball handling and for advanced guidance.
  • Detailed analytics with lots of useful statistics.
  • Game location passes to work on finishing.
  • Detailed analytics with lots of useful statistics.
  • Simple, user-friendly management.
  • Choose your own shooting position.
  • Easy to use touchscreen.
  • Set your own pass speed and distance.
  • Adjustable net.
  • Shot counter.
  • Intensity tracker – tracks heart rate to push game speed practice (optional add-on).

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Dr. Dish Rabel basketball system

Dr. Dish CT+

Welcome to complete training. With a touchscreen interface and hundreds of on-demand workouts from professional trainers, the dr. Dish ct is truly the next generation of basketball shooting machines for the next generation of champions. The dr. Dish CT is the only basketball shooting machine with a 15.6" true touchscreen, 150+ on-demand workouts from pro trainers, and the ability to build custom shooting drills that track individual and group stats for up to 5 players at once.

Additional Details:

  • Follow the stats for two or three points in the same workout.
  • Dovoljuje beleženje statistike tudi takrat, ko je naprava oddaljena od koša.
  • 40cm touch screen - access to the program and training directly on the device via wi-fi.
  • Access to real-time video training of the most recognized basketball coaches.
  • Pre-prepared workouts that are a combination of shooting, running the ball, strength and endurance exercises.
  • Preparation of customized exercises, where the statistics of each individual and teams of up to 5 players are measured.
  • Prepare personalized trainings that are tailored to your players and to improve specific skills.
  • Selection of custom sequences shots that encourage the practice of realistic scenarios.
  • Adjust training intensity with integrated Polar heart rate monitor support.
  • Simple, user-friendly management.
  • Choose the position from which you shoot.
  • Lightweight and easier to use.
  • Choice of distance for fast passes.
  • More than 150 workouts and exercises.
  • Adjustable net.
  • The front screen shows training time, number of throws and number of shots scored.
  • Exercises aimed at achieving goals in terms of the number of throws, the number of shots hit, training time.
  • Choose or create your own workouts with the help of a skills improvement program.
  • Training the center position and passing to different parts of the paint.
  • Exercises to improve ball handling and for advanced guidance.
  • Detailed analytics with lots of useful statistics.
  • Free access to the training management system and the Dr. Dish.

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Dr. Dish CT basketball system

Dr. Dish IC3

Change the way you train, developing muscle memory and better shot trajectory with the Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer. The iC3 Shot Trainer increases shooting reps by 300% with up to 16 shots per minute with correct form and arc to maximize performance. It's no secret. If you want to compete at the highest level, you need to train on a iC3 basketball shot trainer because it helps you develop game time muscle memory in the shortest amount of time. You will become a basketball shooting machine when you use the iC3 basketball shot trainer from Dr. Dish Basketball!

Additional Details:

  • Increase Shot Reps, Improve Your Basketball Game.
  • Train and improve your basketball game without having to constantly chase after the basketball.
  • Black net captures both made and missed shots; developing the form to shoot at a 45-degree arc.
  • Built-in ramp adjusts 180-degrees to adjust where the ball will be returned.
  • iC3 basketball shot trainer rests on the rim of your existing basketball hoop, taking only seconds to set up.
  • Designed for pole-supported hoops; compatible with standard 72" backboards.
  • Sturdy welded steel frame holds up against hot/cold temperatures and rain.
  • Indoor storage during extreme weather is recommended.
  • Easy Set-Up and Take Down.
  • Train Smarter, Score More with the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer.
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Requires two 10 mm wrenches for assembly (not included).

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Dr. Dish iC3 training system