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adidas Dame EXTPLY ''Grey Three''

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€130.00 €78.00

Damian Lillard

One of the best NBA players during last seconds of a game and a favorite of the fans. In addition to basketball, his music career is also looking good because in 2016 he released his first rap album titled The Letter O. In honor of the letter O, Lillard wears the number #0 on his jersey, which marks his life journey - from Oakland through Ogden to Oregon, where he plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. Dangerous both from a great distance and close to the hoop, he outplays defenders in the adidas D. Lillard sneakers. These models reflect Lillard's unpredictability and fearless performance on the floor. He says that his shoes must be accessible to everyone. Do you want to be unstoppable when it matters the most?


adidas is a German sports giant based in Bavaria, known as the largest European sports equipment manufacturer covering all sports, with an extremely strong presence in the lifestyle category through collaborations with stars such as Kanye West, Pharrell and Rita Ora. The company’s basketball ambassadors are Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, James Harden and Donovan Mitchell, and they all enjoy benefits from their revolutionary Boost and Lightstrike technologies.

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