Frequent Questions


Where can I find a specific product?
How do I know which size of footwear is right for me?
Are the products, which are available in online shop, also available in Grosbasket store? How reliable is the availability of products in online shop?
I submitted an order but I did not receive any confirmation e-mail about my order yet. What should I do?
My size is not displayed on the product page. What does that mean?
How do I use a discount code?
May I book a certain model of footwear in advance?
What advantages do I have if I register on the site?


What are the methods of payment in your online shop?
I want to learn more about the method of payment via credit card
I want to learn more about the method of payment via PayPal.
What about VAT?
I ordered a product and paid for it in advance via PayPal or credit card. Then I received the information that my desired product is no more in stock. What is the next step?
I want that the invoice is issued to the basketball club, association or company. What should I do?


What is the cost of delivery?
How long does it take for the package to be delivered to my address?
Where can I track the status of my package? How can I know where exactly my package currently is?
What happens if I am not at home in the time of delivery?
What should I do in order to prevent any troubles with delivery?
To which countries do you deliver?
My package is lost. What should I do?
I received the product which did not meet my expectations. May I replace the product?
May I cancel my order? How should I do this?


I would like to learn more about Grosbasket.
Which brands are available in your store?
May I really test the footwear on a basketball court right in your store?
What are the basic data of the company Grosbasket?

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