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Our partners

Grosbasket is a specialized provider of basketball equipment of the renowned brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Under Armor, McDavid, K1X, SKLZ, New Era and others. Grosbasket was founded with the purpose to supply the market in one place with the best equipment which the basketball player needs to develop and to achieve his goals. By knowing the basketball market and with our professional approach, commitment, passion, and vision we want to be a part of basketball-urban community which is created by all those who have been touched by the basketball one way or another.

Nike, the biggest sports company in the world, is present worldwide and designs equipment for sports such as basketball, football, athletics, American football, tennis and others. The company aims to continuous development and thus develops various technologies, such as Dri-FIT, Air Max, Air Zoom, Shocks, Therma-FIT, Lunarlon, up to the present Flyknit technology which offers the added value for athletes and helps them achieve even better results. The Nike basketball faces who have recognized the quality of the brand are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo and others.

Air Jordan
In 1984, Nike took the extremely talented basketball player Michael Jordan under its wing and in 1985 launched the first and legendary Air Jordan 1 shoes. Later on, other models of this popular footwear have followed and today the brand represents a strong symbol for each basketball player. Nowadays, the Jumpman, logo of this brand, indicates high quality with style which is indispensable in the wardrobe of each basketball enthusiast.

Adidas is a German giant with its headquarters in Bavaria. It can be said that they are the largest European sports company and the second largest in the world while it is present in almost all sports. It is making a strong impact in the lifestyle category, where Kanye West, Pharrell and Rita Ora have become the faces of this renowned company. From 2008 to season 2016 adidas was the official equipment supplier for the NBA and still supports NBA players such as Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins, James Harden and Donovan Mitchell. Another fact showing that adidas activities are moving to the right direction is the completely new Boost technology developed a few years ago, which shook up the sports footwear industry.

Under Armour
Under Armour was founded in 1996 by the former American football player Kevin Plank. After training, he compared the soaked wet shirt under his soccer jersey with the short compression pants. He came up to the idea about the T-shirt also made of synthetic material, which would ensure that the skin remains dry. Plank started his company in the garage of his grandmother. Today, thanks to the success of his brand, he is on the Forbes Billionaires List and Under Armour produces a wide range of sports and lifestyle equipment. In the basketball field, Stephen Curry, the excellent player of the Golden State Warriors, is the main face of their brand.

American company SKLZ with its headquarters in California was founded in 1999 with the mission to contribute to the maximum development of the athlete’s physical potential. The expertise and many years of experience of several coaches, who knew exactly what their athletes and clients needed for achieving better results, had very powerful influence on the overall SKLZ development. The SKLZ equipment enables the professional and recreational athletes to develop their physical potential and become faster, stronger, more precise and, on the other hand, also take care of the successful regeneration of the body.

American company McDavid is the leading manufacturer of protective sports equipment and one of the main manufacturers of equipment for sports medicine. The company began its story in year 1969 when Dr. Robert McDavid developed the first knee brace with a shield for American football. The company has developed over time and now offers a wide range of products such as braces for knees, ankles, shoulders and back, and bandaged tapes. McDavid made the biggest leap forward in year 2004 by launching the product, which is now an important brand of the company – the Hex Pad technology. Hex Pad is extremely durable, long-lasting, lightweight yet extremely flexible foam, which is used today in McDavid protective clothing and allows athletes to play even more boldly and courageously. By using the McDavid accessories, the athletes can play at the highest level even after serious injuries that cannot be completely avoided in professional sport.

Company Spalding, one of the largest manufacturers of sports equipment, was established in 1876 in Chicago by Albert Goodwill Spalding, who was the professional baseball player for Boston Red Socks for many years. After the end of his active sports career, he managed to successfully combine his great knowledge of baseball with the business skills and thus Spalding has quickly become one of the leaders in the branch. It begun with the ball for baseball and the gloves followed soon after. A decade later they designed the first ball for American football, made of high-quality leather. In 1891, when Dr. James Naismith invented basketball, the first players had to use the soccer ball, until the first Spalding ball for basketball was introduced three years later. Not long afterwards, this ball was written down in the rules of the game as the official ball of this newly invented sport.

The history of K1X began 1993 in Munich selling t-shirts off the back of a pick-up truck. The brand, which sees itself as a connector between the hip-hop and basketball culture, is firmly established in urban lifestyle worldwide and featured in all relevant magazines. In 2002, K1X released their first own basketball shoe – the chief glider – which was worn by the Star-Foward Ron Artest in NBA games. Nowadays K1X is a major player in the global hip-hop gear market and the only brand embracing a genuine basketball heritage, which is the focal point of all K1X endeavours, past, present and future.

Peak is one of the fastest growing footwear companies with a distribution network of over 7.000 authorized retail outlets worldwide. The company has more than 20 individual contracts signed with the NBA players and is ranked third in promoting the NBA league. The most famous Peak athlete is Tony Parker, the NBA player and holder of several NBA titles.

Polar has invented the first heart rate monitor for training and has also been a leader in the field of technological innovations and training computers since 1977. The Polar products will help you to increase your current level of exercise, regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional athlete. Besides the heart rate monitor, the Polar watches offer a lot of other features that will help you maintain your physical fitness or even raise it to the higher level.

Zero Point
It is scientifically proven that the compression socks help in accelerating the blood supply to the muscles at a wide range of sports activities. Through compression, accelerated circulation of blood provides the muscles with maximal flow of oxygen which increases endurance and decreases the possibility of any injuries. The company Zero Point was founded in 2009 in Finland and started initially with the production of compression for medical purposes. A year later, the offer of products was extended to the range of compression accessories intended for all sports enthusiasts. Their products are recommended for increased endurance, faster body regeneration and decreased possibility of injuries.

New Era
New Era is an international "lifestyle" brand offering both the sports and fashion apparel. The company was founded in year 1920 in American Buffalo by Ehrhardt Koch and now the company lies in the hands of the fourth Koch generation. New Era is the official partner of NBA league and their caps are believed to be awesome fashion accessory worldwide. Get yourself a New Era cap, hoodie or sweatpants and spice up your urban style!

Stance is an American sock producing company. It was founded in 2009 and it managed to achieve a great success very quickly. In 2015, Stance socks become the official NBA socks and are now perceived as a "must-have" for every basketball player.