The General on the parquet floor who has been among the best organizers of the game in the NBA League for twelve consecutive years. After a brilliant start of his career in New Orleans he continued with Los Angeles Clippers and it seems that he found the most competitive company in Houston, in pair with James Harden. One of the most respected basketball players of this time attempts to replace Golden State Warriors on the throne of Western Conference and the NBA league and his many years friend Carmelo Anthony is going to help him at reaching that. CP3 as nine times All Star and twice golden Olympian with the US National Team commands his teammates with his excellent overview on the basketball court and the spectators can easily notice his remarkable footwear embellished with Jordan logo. With his eleventh model of basketball shoes he proves that he realizes his vision not only when playing but also among the basketball enthusiasts. He is one of the few who can reach more than 20 points and more than 20 assists in just one game.

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