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SKLZ Barrel Roller Firm

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€70.00 €63.00


Enhance any training regimen with active recovery. Designed for pre- and post-workout use, Barrel Roller not only massages soft tissues, it helps you increase flexibility and restore muscle performance.


  • Highest quality foam for each athletes’ regeneration needs Use before and after activities to stretch, strengthen and increase muscle flexibility 
  • Advanced hollow-core, extra-durable construction 
  • Roller measures 15” x 5.5”

The Barrel Roller has a firm density and supports athletes with average muscle mass and anyone who needs basic tissue regeneration.

Start every practice or workout with Barrel Roller movements to reduce chance of injury in large muscle groups. After your training period, use the Barrel Roller to increase oxygen flow and release tension in the same muscles.

SKLZ products are designed in collaboration with EXOS, the leader in proactive health and performance programs for pro athletes, the military and those serious about fitness. Our unique partnership ensures products are tested for proof of concept, authenticity, athlete benefit, ease of use and functional durability.


American company SKLZ with its headquarters in California was founded in year 1999, with the aim to contribute to the maximum development of the physical potential of athletes. The expertise and many years of experience of large number of coaches who had knew exactly what their athletes and clients need for achieving better results had very powerful influence to the overall SKLZ development. The SKLZ equipment enables that the professional and recreational athletes develop their physical potential and become faster, more accurate and stronger, and also take care for the successful regeneration of the body.