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General business conditions of the grosbasket online store

Your agreement with these general terms is a prerequisite for purchase. That is why we recommend you carefully examine them before continuing your purchase. The general terms set out your rights and obligations as well as purchase terms. Each completed transaction via our online shop constitutes a statement on your familiarity with the entire contents of these general terms as well as your full agreement with them.

Information Accessibility

    The seller undertakes to always provide the buyer the following information:
  1. Company identity (company name and registered office, registry no.).
  2. Contact data facilitating quick and efficient communication (e-mail, phone).
  3. Key characteristics of products or services.
  4. Product availability (every item or services offered online should be available in reasonable time).
  5. Terms of item or service delivery (method, place and deadline).
  6. All prices are presented clearly and unambiguously, with a clear indication of inclusion or exclusion of possible taxes and shipping costs.
  7. Payment and delivery methods.
  8. Quote validity.
  9. Deadlines for withdrawal from agreement along with terms of withdrawal, including information on possible costs associated with withdrawal from the agreement by the buyer.
  10. Information on the complaint process, including contact person or customer help desk data.

Online Shop

The online shop is open non-stop, 24 hours daily. We reserve the right to restrict or completely discontinue the sale of certain or all products during either a fixed or an indefinite period, or to restrict or disable access to the online shop for either a fixed or an indefinite period. Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject an order as a result of an online shop error (e.g. unmistakably incorrect price).


After successful registration in the GROSBASKET system, the visitor will be allocated a user name identical to the e-mail address along with a password. The user name and password unambiguously identify and associate the user with the data entered. Registration is not a requirement for online purchase.

Product authenticity

Grosbasket is the official partner of globally recognized brands such as Nike, adidas, Under Armour, McDavid etc. All products in Grosbasket’s offer are 100% authentic.

Liability Disclaimer

To the best of its abilities, the seller will make reasonable effort to ensure the currency and correctness of data on its websites. Nevertheless, item characteristics, delivery times and prices may change rapidly, effectively preventing the seller to change the data on its websites. In each individual case, the seller will notify the buyer on any changes and make possible the buyer’s order termination or ordered item exchange.

Conclusion of Distance Contracts

A distance purchase agreement is considered executed the moment we send an order confirmation to the e-mail indicated in the order process. The buyer will also receive notification on parcel shipment to the address indicated by the buyer in the order process.

Discounts, promotional codes etc. are not cumulative. GROSBASKET account credit and deposited cash do not generate interest. Your order is kept in electronic form at the company’s registered office. You may request a copy of your order via our contact e-mail at [email protected].

If you require assistance with your shopping experience at any given time, please do not hesitate to contact us via the information below:

E: [email protected]
P: +386 (0)59-344-580

Important: We reserve the right to cancellation of orders at our own discretion.


I. Order received
After order placement, the buyer receives an e-mail confirmation that the order has been successfully received. In case of registered users, the buyer will have unrestricted access to detailed order status and contact data. Otherwise, the buyer may request information at [email protected] or via phone at +386 (0)59-344-580.

II. Order confirmation
The seller examines an order, confirms the availability of ordered products and confirms the order or rejects it based on reasonable grounds (the end buyer has priority over the retailer when confirming the order). The seller may contact the buyer via phone at the indicated contact number in order to verify the data or delivery address.

In case of products not kept in stock by the seller in own warehouses, the seller relies exclusively on deliveries by the seller’s supplier and must observe the delivery times of such a seller’s supplier.

The seller provides the buyer current information on product delivery via e-mail.

In case of extremely long delivery times and the buyer’s unwillingness to wait, the buyer may contact the seller who will remove the item from the order and return to the buyer any possible payments made while either delivering or cancelling the remaining order portion at the buyer’s discretion.

If the supplier does not confirm to the seller the availability of ordered items until the end of the next workday at the latest, the seller may reject the buyer’s order on grounds of product unavailability. The buyer’s order will become void on the day of rejection. The seller assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from longer delivery times or the failure to deliver the products that are not in stock at own warehouses.

III. Product shipment
In the agreed deadline, the seller will prepare the products and despatch them while notifying the buyer of the shipment via e-mail. 


In case the buyer decides to cancel the order, the buyer must provide immediate notification on the cancellation at +386 (0) 59 344 580 or via e-mail at [email protected]. In case an order has already been dispatched, the shipment will be rejected by the buyer upon delivery. In case of personal collection (i.e. when products have already been prepared for hand over), the buyer will also communicate his or her desire for order cancellation to the phone number or e-mail above.

Purchases by legal persons

  • Purchases by legal persons are carried out in the exact same manner as by natural persons, with the single exception that requires legal persons to select the “Companies only” option in step 1. Next, please enter the company name and tax number.
  • In case you request an invoice addressed to a legal entity, you accept the terms in force for such legal entities.

The fundamental difference is in the agreement withdrawal option:

  • Companies, sole traders and other legal entities may return delivered items within the scope of the warranty terms. The mentioned organizations are not permitted to withdraw from the agreement in 14 days from collection of products without providing grounds for the withdrawal as required for consumers (natural persons).
  • Each return will be handled individually, with the intent of meeting supplier criteria. In case of eligible returns, products may be exchanged with another selected product (of same or higher value). Unfortunately, reimbursements are not possible. Purchases by legal persons are furthermore governed by GROSBASKET general terms, taking into account the above-mentioned exclusions. Find more information on returns during the warranty period below and in the returns section.

Product Pricing

  • All prices at are quoted in Euro and considered valid on the day of purchase or order confirmation.
  • All prices are VAT inclusive except when stated otherwise. In URLs for non-EU countries, prices are quoted exclusive of any tax, as is explicitly stated next to the price of each individual product.
  • The prices quoted online apply; however, all prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices are marked either Standard or Discounted.

Available Payment Methods

The seller offers the following payment methods:

  • PayPal or Braintree payment
  • Debit or credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express). An amount of 1.5% of the order value will be charged as processing cost.
  • Direct transfer to GROSBASKET d.o.o. bank account based on quote/pro forma invoice. 

*In specific cases, we reserve the right to advance payment to GROSBASKET bank account.

Invoice Generation

  • The seller will issue the buyer an invoice on a durable medium complete with a detailed itemized list of costs and instructions on purchase cancellation and product returns as necessary and permitted. The customer will receive the invoice in electronic form (email attachment) at the email address entered by the customer at the time of placing the order which the invoice is linked to.
  • The buyer must confirm the validity of invoice data and notify the seller on any possible errors within eight days from receipt. Possible complaints regarding the correctness of issued invoices will not be accepted at a later date.
  • The Purchase agreement (order) in electronic format is stored in the seller’s server and may be accessed by the buyer at any moment via the user profile (My profile).


The seller will deliver the products or services within the agreed deadline.
The seller has partnered with DPD and Post of Slovenia that provide parcel delivery services. However, the seller reserves the right to opt for a different delivery services if it might result in a more efficient order realization.
Postage fees
Postage is billed to the buyer.
Click and collect

The order may be collected in person free of postage at our brick-and-mortar shops at Ukmarjeva ulica 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, or Rudeška 169a, HR-10000 Zagreb.
To collect your order in person, please select “Collect order personally at B&M Grosbasket Ljubljana” / “Collect order personally at B&M Grosbasket Zagreb” in the order placement process.

Delivery times
On average, the parcel will be dispatched from our warehouse in 1 to 5 workdays from your order. Delivery times depend on the country of parcel delivery. Please check the standard parcel delivery times for the desired country in this table.
  • Delivery times may increase in case the customer fails to answer our phone call.
  • Delivery times may increase in case of incorrect shipping data.
  • Delivery times may increase in the time of bigger campaigns, such as Black Friday or Christmas sale. Customer will be informed about the possibility of prolonged delivery time.
  • Delivery times may increase when products are available at different locations. In this period, the customer will receive a special notice to your e-mail address.
  • Orders placed on weekends will be despatched to the desired addresses on the first workday of the week (Monday as a rule, taking into account possible public holidays).

Right to withdraw from agreement, product returns and exchange

Consumer’s right to withdraw from the agreement:

  • In case of distance contracts (this applies exclusively to natural persons who purchase products for non-profit purposes), the consumer has the right to notify the company of his or her withdrawal from the agreement without grounds in 7 days.
  • Please send your notice on withdrawal from the Consumer agreement to the following e-mail: [email protected] or via registered mail at Grosbasket d.o.o., Ukmarjeva 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • The 7-day deadline starts the next day following the placement of an online order.
  • The return of received products to the company during the withdrawal deadline is considered to constitute notice on withdrawal from the agreement.
  • In case of withdrawal, the company immediately and in no case later than in 30 days after the receipt of the notice on withdrawal from the agreement reimburses the received payments.
  • On average, the customer will receive a refund within 8 days of the date that we receive the returned product(s).
  • The company reimburses the consumer via the identical payment method used by the consumer except when the consumer explicitly requires the reimbursement via another payment channel and in case no additional costs are incurred by the consumer.
  • In case of withdrawal from the agreement after the activation of a bonus, discount code or promotional code, the bonuses are considered discounts and are not reimbursed to the user.
  • Only the paid amount will be reimbursed to the user’s bank account, while at the same time, the user is also communicated a new bonus or promotional code.
  • In case of gift card activation, the card is considered currency and is reimbursed to the user’s bank account in case of withdrawal from the agreement, together with any payments made.

Product Returns

In case the consumer has already received the products and decides to withdraw from the agreement, products must be returned or handed over to the enterprise or person authorised by the company to receive products within 14 days from the notice of withdrawal except when the company offers to collect the returned products independently.

  • In this case, the buyer must return the unused and undamaged purchased products in original packaging.
  • A copy of the invoice along with the filled-in form found here must be attached to the returned products.
  • The consumer is deemed to have returned the products on time when the products are despatched before the expiry of the 14-day return period.
  • In case of withdrawal from the agreement, the consumer must return the received products within the statutory deadline or send the products to the seller’s address.
  • The consumer must return the products to the seller undamaged and in identical quantities, except in case of damaged, defective or lost products or the reduction in product quantities due to no fault of the consumer.
  • The unrestricted use of the products by the consumer until the moment of withdrawal from the agreement is prohibited.
  • The consumer may inspect and test products in the scope necessary to establish the actual condition of the products.
  • The testing of products not considered in the scope of the above is considered product use, resulting in the consumer’s loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement.
  • This particularly applies to cases where a product is already being used or, in case of technical products, individual components are unboxed or assembled by the consumer.
  • Shipping costs and seller return costs are billed to the buyer.
  • The services are invoiced in line with the current price list of the delivery service.


  • Before shipping to buyers, all product packaging is opened and inspected to guarantee the intact condition all products. Your products will be carefully packaged into delivery boxes to make certain they arrive to you undamaged and in original packaging
  • Our offer is made up exclusively of premium quality products. Regardless, occasionally, an ordered product may become damage during transport or might include a factory defect. We will attempt to resolve any such cases quickly and in line with your expectations.

Buyer rights

  • In case of product defect, the buyer has the right to require the replacement of the product with a new product in perfect condition or reimbursement of the amount paid or product defect elimination, or the reimbursement of a proportion of amount paid in light of the defect.
  • In this case, the buyer has the right to select a different product. In case the selected product is more expensive, the buyer will be charged the price differential.
  • In case of exchange of products due to reasons from the previous paragraph, please contact us within 8 days from the receipt of products.
  • The period to exchange for products is 8 days.
  • Exchange for products is only possible based on original invoice or copy of invoice accompanied by the filled-in form found here.
  • We will communicate our decision on your complaint within 30 days from its receipt. Generally, the decision will be made final within approx. 14 days.
  • In case of a favourable decision, the buyer will be eligible to select a new product. In case the selected product is more expensive, the buyer will be charged the price differential.


A complaint will be rejected automatically in the following cases:

  • A product that is the object of complaint is not accompanied by an issued invoice or complaint form.
  • A complaint is not filed immediately after the identification of damage to the product or product defect.
  • Damage to the product is the result of improper use (e.g. outdoor use of footwear intended exclusively for indoor use).

  • Address for product returns subject to complaint
  • Grosbasket d.o.o.
  • Ukmarjeva 6
  • SI-1000 Ljubljana
  • Slovenia
  • Shipping costs of products subject to claims are settled by the buyer.
  • The complaint form is available at the following link: Filing a complaint

Privacy and personal data protection

Privacy and personal data protection are governed by our Privacy policy.

Dispute Resolution

  • Any possible disputes between the buyer and GROSBASKET that could arise from the use of the online shop will be resolved amicably by both parties, while any unresolved conflict will be brought before the competent court.

  • If you are experiencing issues related to a product or service from the online shop, you may decide to submit a complaint for investigation by an independent dispute settlement body. Please follow this link. 

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Last updated: 15 January 2023