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Accepting these general business conditions is a condition for purchasing our products, which is why we recommend you to read them carefully. These conditions define your rights and obligations and the purchasing terms. With every transaction through our online store it shall be deemed that you are familiar with the whole content of these general conditions and that you agree with them without any limitations.






The general business conditions of the online store (hereafter referred to as the "General Conditions") were drawn up in accordance with the applicable legislation and based on the recommendations by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GZS) and the international e-commerce codes. This website is managed by the company Grosbasket, d. o. o. (hereafter referred to as the "Provider", "GROSBASKET" or "Seller"). We reserve the right to additionally change the General Conditions without prior notice. Changes shall apply after being published, which is also when they become binding for the user.


The Provider undertakes to always provide the following information to buyers:

a) Company’s identity (name and address of the company, registration number);
b) Contact information that enable users a quick and effective communication (email, phone);
c) Main characteristics of products or services (including after-sale services and warranties;
d) Availability of items (every item or services offered online should be available within a reasonable period of time);
e) Conditions for the delivery of products or the implementation of services (type, place and delivery period);
f) Clearly and unambiguously defined prices, including the information if taxes or delivery costs are included or not;
g) Type of payment and delivery;
h) Duration of the validity of the offer;
i) Deadline within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for the withdrawal, also including the information if and what costs shall be covered by the buyer in case of a withdrawal;
j) Explanation of the complaint procedure, including all information on contact persons or the office responsible for buyer relations.


The online shop is open every day, 24 hours a day. We reserve the right to limit or completely stop the sale of some or all products for a limited or an unlimited period of time, or to limit or completely prevent access to certain pages of the online store for a limited or an unlimited period of time.


Upon registration into the GROSBASKET system, the visitor receives a user name, which is the same as his email address, and a password. This user name and password unambiguously link the user with the entered data. After confirming the registration by email, the visitor becomes a user and receives the right to purchase. If a user wants to change his email address, he has to submit a request to The email address will be changed on the same day or the following working day, of which the user will receive a notification by email.


For an easier orientation and a simple way of purchasing, we prepared instruction on how to shop in our online store:

I. Searching for products

If you want to find a specific product, you can search for it in two different ways:

1) Above the upper MENU, you can find the search field SEARCH THE ENTIRE STORE where you can enter the type of the product that you want to find (e.g. "Jordan Super.Fly 3"). One or more products that correspond to your search will be shown.
2) In the upper menu, choose the main category of products that you are interested in (e.g. "SHOES", "MEN"), and then select the subcategory (e.g. "BASKETBALL", "PRICE" etc.).

All products in the selected category will be shown.

II. Selecting products

By clicking on a picture of a product, detailed information will be shown. Choose the suitable size and the quantity. Click the "Add to cart" button. The product will be moved to the shopping cart. Then you can continue shopping or view your shopping cart to proceed to the checkout. Do not miss our special offers that are always ready for you.

III. Entering your contact information

Enter your contact and delivery information in the checkout form.

IV. Selecting a type of delivery

1) Delivery service – Payment on delivery. If you selected this option, the product(s) will be delivered to your specified address.
2) Delivery service – Cash in advance, PayPal or Credit card. If you selected this option, the product(s) will be delivered to your specified address.
3) Personal pickup in the Grosbasket store at the address Ukmarjeva ulica 6, Rudnik 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

V. Selecting a payment method

You can pay by credit card or paypal. Choose one of the following options:

1) PayPal or credit card.
2) Cash in advance.

VI. Place order

Review all information one more time.

VII. Confirmation of the order and summary of the purchase

By clicking the "Confirm order" button, the order is sent to further processing. You will be notified by email on all further steps to the email address entered during the registration process.


T:  +386 59-344-580
M: +386 31 357 680



1. Order accepted

After placing the order, the buyer receives a notification per email that the order was accepted. The buyer can always access information on the status and the content of the order on the Provider’s website.

2. Order confirmed

The Provider reviews the order, verifies the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects it by stating the reason for the rejection. For verifying the entered information for the delivery, the Provider may call the buyer to his contact phone number. For delivering goods that are not held on stock by the Provider, the Provider is limited by the supply conditions and the supply periods of his supplier. The Provider informs the buyer by email regarding recent developments in connection with the ordered goods. If the delivery period is very long and the buyer does not wish to wait, the buyer can notify the Provider of this fact, and the Provider will remove the item from the order and return any payment made in advance by the buyer to the buyer. As chosen by the buyer, other items from the order can be delivered or the whole order can be cancelled. If the supplier does not confirm the availability of the ordered items to the Provider until the end of the day when the order was placed, the Provider may reject the order of the buyer with the reason that the items are not available. After being rejected, the order of the buyer no is no longer valid. The Provider does not assume any liabilities for damages that may arise from longer delivery periods or unsupplied goods that are not held on stock by the Provider.

3. Goods dispatched

The Provider prepares and dispatches the goods within the agreed deadline and notifies the buyer by email. In this email, the Provide also explains to the buyer his policy regarding the withdrawal from the contract, who to contact in case of delays with the delivery and how to proceed in case of a complaint.

IMPORTANT: If a buyer decides to cancel his order, he has to notify us of this fact immediately by phone to the phone number 051-318-911 or by email to If at that time the order was already dispatched, the buyer rejects the shipment of the delivery service provider. In case of a personal pickup (if the goods are ready for pickup), the buyer also notifies the Provider that he wishes to cancel the order by calling the number stated above or by email.



Purchase procedure – specific characteristics

The purchase procedure for legal persons is the same as for natural persons, except that when choosing the payment method (step 3) you choose the option “Yes, issue invoice to company”. You can add your company with the search engine by entering the tax ID or registration number of the company besides the yellow button. If you already ordered on behalf of you company, you can choose the company by clicking it on the right side. If the search engine does not find the company or if the tax information is not correct, you can inform us of that fact by adding a comment to the order (step 4) and send a proof by email to We will additionally make appropriate changes to your profile and the current and all future invoices issued to this company.

Special purchase condition for companies

If you want the invoice to be issued to your company, you accept the business conditions that apply to companies. The main difference is in the possibility of the withdrawal from the contract: We enable companies, sole proprietors and other legal persons to return the delivered items under the warranty conditions. These organisations do not have the possibility of withdrawing from the contract within 14 days after receiving the goods, without the need to give any reason for this decision, as it applies to consumers (natural persons). Every return will be treated separately and we will try to meet the criteria of the supplier. If the return of goods is justifiable, you can choose a different item (of the same or higher value). Paid sums are not refundable. The general business condition of the company GROSBASKET also apply to purchases made by legal persons, with the already mentioned difference regarding the possibility of the withdrawal from the contract. You can learn more regarding the possibilities of returning the goods under the warranty conditions later in this document or on the page on returns.



A discount code is a word that is entered by a registered user during step 1 of the online purchase procedure. After clicking the field for entering the code, you enter a valid discount code and then click the “Apply Coupon” button. The discount will be calculated immediately.



I. Payment methods – general

The Provider offers the following payment methods:

- Payment on delivery,
- Wire transfer to the bank account of the company GROSBASKET d.o.o. based on an offer or pro forma invoice (online prices apply),
- PayPal,
- Debit or credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express (3 percent lower discounts than with online prices*)),

*In individual cases, we reserve the right to demand payment by wire transfer to the bank account of the company GROSBASKET d.o.o. (based on an offer or pro forma invoice, in which case online prices still apply).

II. Natural persons

We offer the following payment methods to natural persons:

- Payment on delivery (the buyer provides payment at the delivery),
- Cash in advance (wire transfer to the company’s bank account),
- PayPal,
- Credit or debit cards: Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express.

III. Payment methods for legal persons

We offer the following payment methods to legal persons:

- Payment on delivery in cash* (*limit for cash payments of 420€ including VAT) – online prices apply (VAT is included),
- Wire transfer to the bank account of the company GROSBASKET d.o.o. based on an offer or pro forma invoice (online prices apply, VAT is included),
- Debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) – special conditions apply,
- Deferred payment (applies to public organisations and local administrations, and companies with appropriate ratings).

*In individual cases, we reserve the right to demand payment by wire transfer to the bank account of the company GROSBASKET d.o.o. (based on an offer or pro forma invoice, in which case online prices still apply).


IV. Special payment condition with debit and credit cards

In case of payment by debit or credit card, additional conditions apply:

- The discount on the regular price is 3 percent lower in case of payment by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Diners club – only for holders of new cards);
- The discount is lower than with the online price due to additional costs of processing transactions when paying with cards;
- The payer (user profile information) has to be the person or organisation that is the owner of the debit or credit card;
- After placing the order, no changes of the content of the order or the final price of the order can be made, except in special cases determined by the Provider.



General information regarding invoicing

The Provider issues an invoice to the buyer on a durable medium, including the specified costs and the instructions on how to withdraw from the contract or return the goods if this is necessary or possible. The buyer has to check the information on the invoice and, in case of incorrect information, notify the Provider within eight days after receiving the invoice. Later changes of the issued invoices are not possible.

Invoicing for EU companies

Our online store also enables purchasing to companies that are registered in other EU member states and are taxable persons. If you wish that an invoice is issued to a company registered outside Slovenia, the ordered goods can only be picked up at our pickup points. Immediately after placing an order online, you have to notify us that the goods will be taken outside the Republic of Slovenia. Additional changes of invoices are not possible. At the collection of goods, you also have to sign a statement on moving the goods to another EU member state.

Storing contracts

The purchase agreements (orders) in its electronic form are stored on the Provider’s server and are available to buyers at any time through their user profiles (My Account).




All prices on the website are in EUR and are valid on the day of the purchase or the implementation of the order. Prices already include VAT, unless it is specified otherwise.

The published prices of the products apply and we can change them without prior notice. We will always take into account the prices that applied when orders were placed.

The prices are presented as regular prices and online prices. Regular prices are determined by the Provider. Online prices apply for online purchases in case of a 100% cash payment, payment by PayPal or by wire transfer to the Provider’s bank account.

Online prices apply to all GROSBASKET members. A user can become a GROSBASKET member by registering in the Online Purchase Centre. Regular prices apply to unregistered users that want to purchase products in our shop and are not members of the GROSBASKET club. Registration is also possible during the purchase procedure. If there is only one price for a product, the regular and the online prices are the same.

The prices apply under the above payment conditions and in case of choosing the above payment methods.



Due to the online nature of our business, GROSBASKET updates the online store often and quickly.




The Provider will deliver the goods or implement the services within the agreed deadline. Our contract partner for providing delivery services is the company DPD, but the Provider reserves the right to choose other delivery service providers if this would enable a more effective implementation of the order.


Delivery charges

Delivery charges are covered by the buyer. In case of purchases of over €100, the delivery is free.

Place of delivery

Delivery of the products ordered in our online store is possible in Slovenia and other countries.

Click and pick up

A personal pickup of the shipment without the delivery costs is also possible in our store at the address Prešernova cesta 82, Grosuplje – "CLICK AND PICK UP" service. During the purchase procedure, select the Store pickup option as the shipping method. You can also reserve products in our online store by choosing the option “Store pickup” and the payment method “Payment on delivery”. Your reservation is valid for 24 hours.

Door-to-door delivery

Your order will be delivered to the address that you entered in the filed ''SHIPPING ADDRESS''.

Time of delivery

  •  All orders that are placed until 2 PM will be sent on the same day.
  •  You can expect the package within 1-2 working days.
  •  You can expect the package to be delivered until 4 PM.


  • The delivery period can be longer if the customer does not answer the phone.
  • The delivery period can be longer if the information on the receiver of the package is not correct.
  •  All orders that are placed during the weekend will be sent on the first working day (usually Monday, except in case of national and other holidays).


Delivery and payment

1. Door-to-door delivery (cash in advance)

The client pays the ordered products based on a pro forma invoice, keeps the receipt and receives his order within the next few days without any additional obligations. After the amount is transferred to the company’s bank account, the order is sent to the client. Because the order is already paid, the delivery service provider can offer a possibility of leaving the package at the agreed place, but only in agreement with you and after you approval.

2. Door-to-door delivery (payment by credit card or PayPal)

Payment by credit card or PayPal is a safe way of online payment using a credit card. It ensures a safe business relationship between the Seller and the buyer. This system is anonymous, fast and safe. The buyer transfers the amount of the order to the agreed Seller’s account and the ordered product is sent to the buyer. Because the order is already paid, the delivery service provider can offer a possibility of leaving the package at the agreed place, but only in agreement with you and after you approval.

3. Door-to-door delivery (payment on delivery)

We also provide the possibility of payment on delivery. The client pays for the package to the delivery service provider after receiving the package; otherwise the client cannot receive the package. If the delivery service provider cannot reach you by phone, he will leave a note.

4. Click and pick up (personal pickup in the store – payment on delivery)

You pick up the goods that you ordered online in our physical store and you do not have to pay any shipping costs. During the purchase procedure, select the Store pickup option as the shipping method. You can also reserve products in our online store by choosing the option “Store pickup” and the payment method “Payment on delivery”. Your reservation is valid for 24 hours.

Delivery service prices

1. PAYMENT ON DELIVERY (€3.5 incl. VAT for Slovenia, other countries are charged by regular price list)

Free shipping!



The GROSBASKET store ONLY sells the products that are on stock in the Grosbasket store in Ljubljana.


Grosbasket d.o.o. is authorized retailer and partner of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and other and only sells 100% authentic products.


The Provider shall do his best to ensure up-to-date and correct information on his website. However, the characteristics of products, delivery dates or prices can change so quickly that the Provider was not yet able to update the information on the website. In this case, the Provider shall notify the buyer of these changes and enable the buyer to withdraw from the contract or to choose a different product.



A distance purchase contract is considered as concluded after we send a confirmation of the order to your email that you entered during the purchase procedure (the buyer receives an email with the status: “Order confirmed”). After this moment, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply both to the Provider and the buyer. Rebates, discount codes, etc. are not cumulated.
No interest shall be payable on any credit on the GROSBASKET client’s account and all funds paid in advance.
Your order is stored in its electronic form at our company’s headquarters. You can request a copy of the order by email at the address



The right to withdraw from the consumer contract

In case of distance contracts, the consumer (this applies exclusively to natural persons that do not purchase the goods for gainful activities) has the right to withdraw from the contract by notifying the company within 14 days, without stating a reason for this decision.

Notification of the withdrawal from the contract

The consumer notifies the Seller of the withdrawal from the contract by email to the address: or by registered mail. The 14-day deadline starts one day after the collection of goods. Returning the received goods to the company within the withdrawal deadline shall be considered as a withdrawal from the contract.

Reimbursement of payments

In case of a withdrawal from the contract, the company reimburses the received payments immediately or within 30 days after receiving a notification of the withdrawal from the contract. The company reimburses the received payments using the same payment instrument that was used by the consumer, except if the consumer explicitly demands another payment instrument to be used and if the consumer does not have to pay any additional costs. In case of payment on delivery, we reimburse the payment to your bank account.

In case of a withdrawal from the contract where a bonus or a discount code was used, these funds shall be considered as discount and shall not be reimbursed to the user. The user receives only the paid amount to his bank account and he receives the used bonus or discount code in form of a new code. If a gift voucher was used, it shall be considered as a payment instrument, and in case of a withdrawal from the contract, the paid amount shall be reimbursed to the user’s bank account.

Return of goods

If the consumer already received the goods and he withdraws from the contract, he returns or hands out the goods to the company or the person authorised by the company for receiving the returned goods immediately or within 30 days after submitting the notification of the withdrawal from the contract, except if the company offers to collect the returned goods itself. In this case, the buyer has to return the purchased goods in the original packaging, unused and undamaged. A copy of the invoice also has to be attached.

The consumer returns the goods on time if the goods are returned within the 30-day return deadline.

In case of a withdrawal from the contract, the consumer shall return the goods or send them by post within the legal deadline.

The consumer has to return the goods to the Seller undamaged and in the same amount, except if the goods were damaged, destroyed or lost or if the amount was reduced without any fault on the consumer’s part. The consumer may not use the goods without restrictions until the withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may perform an inspection or test the goods only to determine the actual state. Any other testing of goods shall be considered as using the goods, by which the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the contract. This applies especially if the consumer already starts to use the goods or, in case of technical items, opens individual components or reconstructs them.

Shipment costs

The costs of shipping and returning the goods to the Seller are covered by the buyer based on the applicable price list of the delivery service provider.


Return not in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act

In exceptional cases, but without any obligation to actually do so, when the goods are not returned in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No 98/04 – official consolidated text, 114/06 – ZUE, 126/07, 86/09, 78/11, 38/14 and 19/15), we can offer to the consumer to buy in the returned goods including a compensation, which is determined in the record of the returned goods. The buy-in at a reduced value is performed after the consumer’s confirmation by email. The consumer may use the amount of the mentioned buy-in only for ordering other goods of the same or higher value. We can send the form for a withdrawal from the contract by email.



Products are covered by a warranty if this is stated on the invoice. The warranty applies if the instructions are respected and a copy of the invoice is attached. The warranty deadlines are stated on the invoice.




We inspect all products before dispatching them to buyers and we send them undamaged. Your products will be carefully packaged in delivery boxes to arrive undamaged and in the original packaging to your door.

Buyer's rights

The buyer has the right to demand a replacement of a faulty product with a new fault-free product, reimbursement of the paid amount, elimination of the fault, or a partial reimbursement of the paid amount in proportion to the fault. The buyer may also choose a different product – if the new product is more expensive that the existing one, the buyer shall pay the difference.

If you wish to return a faulty product, please inform us of your intention within 8 days after receiving the product. The deadline for a replacement of products is 8 days. The replacement is only possible if the invoice or a copy of the invoice is attached.

IMPORTANT: A fault of a product has to be reported immediately after being identified. If you do not do so and continue to use the product, your complaint may be rejected.

In case of inappropriate use of shoes on external courts (unless the Seller confirms that the shoes can be used outside) complaints shall be rejected.


Material defects

A material defect is when:

· a products does not have a feature that would enable its normal use;
· the buyer receives a product that does not correspond with the model – except the models that are shown for notification purposes.

How to inspect suitability of products?

Products are compared with other products of the same type with no faults, and with the statements of the manufacturer or the declaration on the product.

How to submit a complaint?

Grosbasket d.o.o. offers products of the highest quality, but certain faults are still possible. The buyer always has the possibility to return the product (complaint). The product shall be (if necessary) returned to the supplier who will perform a professional inspection and determine if the reason for the fault is a manufacturing defect, incorrect use or physical damage. If your complaint is not justified, you will receive an official notification.

How to perform a complaint in case of material defects?

The buyer has to notify us of a possible material defect with a detailed description of the defect on the complaint form, at his own costs, and within the legal deadline. The buyer has to enable an inspection of the product.


The buyer attaches the complaint form to the faulty product and sends it to the address stated hereafter. The product can also be delivered personally to our store. The product will be inspected.

Shipping costs are covered by the buyer and are reimbursed by the Seller within 8 days if the complaint is justified.

The company Grosbasket d.o.o. reserves the right to answer to the received complaint within 8 days after receiving the complaint form.

Address for shipping unsuitable products (complaint)

Grosbasket d.o.o.
Prešernova cesta 82
1290 Grosuplje

The complaint form is available at the following link:



Privacy and protection of personal data is regulated by our Privacy Policy.



Any disputes between the buyer and GROSBASKET that may arise from using the online store shall be primarily resolved by common agreement, otherwise the competent court is the court in Ljubljana.



Official name of the company: GROSBASKET, trgovina in storitve na področju športa, d.o.o.
Short name: GROSBASKET d.o.o.
Address: Ukmarjeva 6, 1000 Ljubljana
Address of the store: Ukmarjeva 6, 1000 Ljubljana
Tax ID: SI 50277669
Registration no.: 6646077000
Bank account: IBAN SI56 0310 8100 0597 291 (SKB d.d.), IBAN SI56 1010 0005 4657 167 (BANKA KOPER d.d.)
Date of establishment: 15.7.2014


Phone no.:  +386 (0)59-344-580



Last updated: 25 May 2017