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SKLZ Pro Bands Heavy

€16.08 VAT NOT included


Pro Bands so trakovi, ki vam prinašajo vse prednosti upora – povečana moč, fleksibilnost in vzdržljivost – v malih dimenzijah. Uporabite jih za ogrevanje mišic, moč in fleksibilnostni trening, v pomoč pa so lahko tudi kot asistent pri dvigovanju trupa. Na voljo več trdot elastik.

Pro bands elastika LIGHT je primerna za raztezanje in rehabilitacije vaje. Pro Bands Heavy so primerni za trening upora, pospeševanje in vzgibe oziroma dvige trupa. 

  • DIMENZIJA: 101,6 cm x 2,8cm
  • BARVA: Črna
  • JAKOST: Heavy 3/4


American company SKLZ with its headquarters in California was founded in year 1999, with the aim to contribute to the maximum development of the physical potential of athletes. The expertise and many years of experience of large number of coaches who had knew exactly what their athletes and clients need for achieving better results had very powerful influence to the overall SKLZ development. The SKLZ equipment enables that the professional and recreational athletes develop their physical potential and become faster, more accurate and stronger, and also take care for the successful regeneration of the body.