After almost exactly a year, here we are again with a blog about the new wonder we will be watching on the feet of Russell Westbrook during this exciting NBA season.

We can say that it is now official: Russ and his Jordan Why Not signature line have the craziest designs (in the most positive sense) coupled with top performances on the court. This blend is a true reflection of what we see when “Brodie” arrives to games in his unique fashion combinations and the explosive power he displays during every game. That is why everything he does with his sneakers and clothing line is authentic and – so good. “Beastbrook” pointed this out about his Zer0.4 release: “My favorite part about this shoe, and this whole collection, is being able to use different fabrics and materials yet still prioritizing the performance of the shoe.” Japanese designer Hiromichi Ochiai with whom Westbrook hung out on his summer Asian tours and who is responsible for this year’s FACETASM colorway added, “We make things from a place of freedom and fun. This latest collaboration is a testament to that way of thinking. We also wanted to create something that people would be moved by, reflecting the spirit of that phrase, ‘Why Not?’”.

Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 x Facetasm 2The fourth signature model of the Wizards player (it’s still kind of difficult to get used to him being on this team now, isn’t it?) brings double-stacked Zoom Air in the forefoot which is a great novelty in this series. Then, there is full-length Zoom Air in the outsole and for anyone following us we don’t have to highlight what this means for comfort, while for our new readers we’ll just say – it’s great! Other key technical specifications include double webbing across the upper and a variety of textiles that provide unique look and breathability. Compared to last year’s model, we can mention the similarity in the excellent grip of the sole (which is again divided into two parts), while a visible difference is the removal of the strap that was above the laces on the 0.3s. This whole line, especially after the Why Not? Zer0.2 model is ranked very high with our teams in stores in Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary and already after the initial testing we can say that this trend will successfully continue.

Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.4

On top of all of this we have to add the “wow” effect that the appearance of the sneaker has with every Why Not? Zer0.4 colorway. Although bold combinations of colors and materials dominate, we are glad that there are simpler colorways, so everyone will be able to find their favorite in the Why Not? Zer0.4 line. The first few colorways were designed with the help of selected artists and focused on the core values of the former MVP and his priorities: Upbringing, Family, Trust, and Loyalty.

Air Jordan Why Not Zer0.4 x UpbringingIn any case, we are sure that an exciting “why not?” year / season is ahead of us, and you should definitely follow our news for all the models that will be arriving to our stores.