Basketball shoes sometimes follow the careers of their “ambassadors” very well, and this is perhaps best seen with Paul George, whose career is certainly full of ups and downs.

Most of you probably remember his poor performance in last year’s playoffs the most, which gave birth to a series of memes and not-so-nice-nicknames for PG. There is, of course, that ghastly injury from USA national team’s training camp in 2014 as another moment in his career after which it was questionable whether PG will be able to continue playing at all.

On the other hand, a lot of good things happened as well for him, including:

  • 6 All-Star game appearances
  • selection to the All-NBA First Team in 2019 and he was also an MVP finalist that year
  • 4 NBA All-Defensive Team selections (twice for the first team, twice for the second)
  • Most Improved Player in 2013
  • and so on…

Nike PG 5 "Black" CW3143-001 3

All of this brings us to this season where PG is again playing at a very high level and his Los Angeles Clippers are among the league’s top teams. Of course, what interests us the most are his new Nike PG 5 sneakers! All of our long-time fans know that the entire PG line, with occasional ups and downs, ranks extremely high in our stores and that is why we were delighted by the arrival and initial testing of the “fives”.

Nike PG 5 "Black" CW3143-001

As the title suggests, the main feature of these sneakers is comfort and here we have a great connection with last year’s model – the Nike Air Dot Weld Strobel which is at the very top of such technologies among all manufacturers (so, not only Nike). More specifically, it is an air unit above the entire sole that is also as close as possible to the foot.

Additionally, as with most of the entire PG line, it is basically a low model whose performance is always balanced for both sides of the court, for top two-way players like Paul.

We can say that this is the end of similarities between the models from last year and this year because the zipper is no longer used, which, although it was a great fashion detail, did not satisfy some people in terms of functionality. Precisely because of this change, we will add that the comfort has been expanded or increased, and this, together with the small total weight of the sneaker, guarantees a bright future for this model. Of course, all of this also includes a reliable lacing system that will lock the foot inside the upper made from a combination of mesh materials and synthetic leather.

Another significant change is the pattern on the sole, which this time was performed with multidirectional lines and which brought top results during our first in-store tests. Those with greater knowledge of the history of sneakers might be particularly pleased that the pattern is almost identical to that on the Nike Kobe 9 model! The key differences are the visible air unit under the heel and the PG logo in the middle.

Nike PG 5 "Black" CW3143-001

Another interesting and high-quality detail is the padding of the middle part of the sneakers on both the inner (medial) and outer (lateral) sides, whose role is to additionally lock the feet from the sides.

Nike PG 5 "Black" CW3143-001

According to the information available so far, it seems that another change awaits us with colorways, which are now far simpler than last year’s colorful ones. But, we are pretty sure that the PG 5 will bring combinations in this aspect that will appeal to everyone who likes to see the designer’s inspiration in a shoe. However, this is less important at the moment because we definitely have to emphasize again that this is a sneaker that will delight many fans…

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