Without too much introduction, for a sneaker that isn’t someone’s signature model, we have to say right away – wow, these are too good!

Why is the environment in the title of the blog? Because, with the Cosmic Unity sneaker, Nike presented a model that contains a minimum of 20% recycled materials in almost every part of it. So: the Swoosh logo, laces, the insanely stable and breathable upper textiles and even the Zoom Air Strobel under the entire foot- all are partially recycled. Respect! All of this is part of Nike’s “circular design” initiative, about which more details can be found out on www.nikecirculardesign.com

Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director for Performance Footwear, added:

“We wanted to create a synergy between making the world better by what we do, but also leave an impact for athletes so that they can perform at a higher level. In short, we wanted to use trash to create an advantage and this was for us like a mathematical equation in which endurance and reduced weight were key factors. “

Before we get into detailed elaboration, we just want to point out how Cosmic Unity got a lot of support when its first ambassador became Anthony Davis. As a small digression, we will add how surprised we are that AD does not have his own line, but at the same time we are glad that he is the “promoter” of this great and interesting sneaker.

Anthony-Davis3 Cosmic Unity Green Glow

After the initial testing in the store, it is absolutely clear to us why one of the best NBA players stepped behind this sneaker or into it. The shoes themselves give a great feeling and according to our first estimates, this is a model that will be comfortable to wear throughout the day, and not just for practices and games. The Zoom Air Strobel (an airbag that runs from the toes to the heel and that is as close as possible to the foot itself) that we mentioned gives great comfort for the lower part of the foot.

Then, the upper brings an ideal combination of lockdown and flexibility, while the side parts provide stability without aggressive pressure on the foot.

Just in case, we will leave a reminder that Zoom Air Strobel is one of the main factors that make the latest models of the Kevin Durant and Paul George lines extremely popular, and it seems that this technology has been further developed here to make comfort extremely high.

As much as this is in a way the sneaker of the future, we are also looking forward to one classic/retro element, and that is the herringbone pattern on the sole because with this solution you can be sure that you will have maximum control over movements without slipping. Nice detail of the lower part of the sneaker is the opening under the lower half of the foot through which you can see part of the Strobel technology and which also reduced some of the materials used, and made the sneaker lighter.

The technical part of the story can be rounded off with the conclusion that all these great details are “packed” in a true-to-size sneaker, so if you order online you can choose your regular size for Nike models.

In the end, we still have the silhouette of the sneaker. It is interesting that there are critics because it is strange or different, but it seems to us that this approach to design, which is quite unusual, is the icing on the cake of this sneaker, which could be among the best models of the season or year. We mentioned great fit and comfort so the sneaker could be a big lifestyle hit because of its appearance as well!

If you have the opportunity, visit our stores, try out these beauties and see for yourself what we are talking about!

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