Lately, collaborations between brands and designers are becoming more and more popular and they usually involve two sides, but the one we will talk about here includes as many as three “players” and we think it’s okay to introduce them a bit first:


Converse – somewhat of a phoenix that rose from ashes and returned to the basketball and lifestyle scene! Of course, as a brand or company of great history and importance, we have already dedicated a special blog to them, and you can also check the growing offer of excellent sneakers and equipment by this brand in our offer while its NBA “ambassadors” are Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kelly Oubre Jr. and Draymond Green!


Chinatown Market is the youngest member of this group as a company founded in 2016 in California and famous for its bold “mashup” design for t-shirts and sneakers. The company already had numerous collaborations with some of the biggest athletes and brands (LeBron, Nike, Puma, Converse, Vans, Timberland, Crocs, etc.) in a relatively short time.

Vans & Puma Chinatown Market

Its founder, Mike Cherman, grew up in New York before moving to the west coast of the United States, which is also quite visible in his style, and the brand name itself is related to Canal Street in NYC.

Another interesting thing is the approach or mantra that runs his business: coming up with a new idea early in the morning, posting it online by noon, ready-made products during that evening and the departure of the first shipments the next morning. It is worth mentioning that this express process does not have a negative impact on the quality of the now very popular brand whose perhaps key moment was the development of a wide line of clothing and other products branded with the Acid House smiley.

We can only add that among all these products, there were a lot of those related to basketball which to some extent led to this collaboration.


Jeff Hamilton – a designer born in Morocco who grew up in Paris as a big fan of American sports.

When he moved to the U.S., he met Michael Jordan which resulted in the design of the legendary three-peat jackets for the Chicago Bulls as well as those for the 50 best players in NBA league history. He then upgraded this great success by designing a three-peat jacket for the Kobe / Shaq Lakers. We think that even “casual” NBA league fans remember the images of MJ and Kobe in those legendary jackets as they celebrate their championship titles!

In addition to these projects, he had many more in sports, but he also made his leather and stitched masterpieces in honor of musical legends such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Drake and many others. In the end, we must certainly single out the unique jackets that he worked on at the beginning of his career for Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson and Magic Johnson – who introduced him to Jordan.

Now comes the main part of the story! Here you can find Converse sneakers inspired by Hamilton’s design of jackets for LA and Chicago, which are full of bright details and bold colors, all connected and designed by Chinatown Market. These are the models:

Converse Pro Leather NBA Chinatown Market x Jeff Hamilton 

Converse Pro Leather Chinatown Market

Converse Chuck 70 NBA x Chinatown Market x Jeff Hamilton

Converse Pro Leather Chinatown Market

It’s hard to add anything after looking at these mini masterpieces so we definitely suggest you check them out for yourself on our website or in stores!