We are all witnessing how sneaker industry is getting bigger and bigger every day, but if you are brand new in this fascinating world, this short blog might clear things up for you about how it all works…

All of us growing up with Jordans on our feet, knowing how hard it was to get them, appreciate the value and history they carry. Most of the models you see on the shelves today first released back in 1990s, and we just get a refresh of the style every now and then. Today, due to their extreme value, they always reach the market in very limited quantities. And these days that is not only the case for Jordans, but for some Nike models (like Kobe Protro), adidas Yeezy and similar exclusive styles.

So, if you just recently raised interest in owning some J’s, we understand your frustration in how hard it must be to acquire a pair at a normal retail price. You are probably searching in your local stores or browsing different webshops and always get the same reply:” Sorry, they are already sold out.”

We, as a retailer, are doing our best to have all these exclusive and limited styles available for our loyal customers and can say that are currently very successful in doing so. But, as already mentioned, due to supplier’s decisions, these styles are available on the market in very limited quantities, and sometimes, we cannot serve the whole demand. That is why those special styles usually have a different kind of release and way of sale, and they are never just freely available in regular retail, meaning you will hardly find them on the shelves in your local store.


Lately, due to Covid-19 situation, we cannot just have our regular release event in the store (like FCFS i.e., ‘first come, first served’, or an in-store raffle), because we cannot guarantee customer flow and maintaining of social distance. But that does not mean there is not a way for a special type of release, like an online raffle, which has last year become a regular practice for most of the global retailers. When applying for online raffle, you are applying for a possibility to buy a selected product, and if you are lucky to be drawn (by random choice generator), you can finish your purchase.

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We are aware that the value of these sneakers created a different kind of industry, where their value even grows higher. We cannot influence that, but by developing new ways of special releases, we are doing everything in our power to offer these sneaker gems only to our loyal customers and followers.


We often get questions about why these special styles are often not available to order online. Well, as is the case with our brick-and-mortar, the same is with our online shop – the difference between supply and demand is big, which means too many people would try to buy the product online at the same time. In last years, some very skillful individuals also have their own ‘bots’, that attack the site multiple times in a minute to buy as many pairs as possible, causing our site to crash. Due to those ‘bot attacks’ on sites of all global retailers, you will not be able to find any of the limited and exclusive products in any authorized online shop.

But we are always growing – developing and working on new types of releases so that the products get to those who really want and appreciate them. In the meantime, check our upcoming releases and reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We are here for you!