Although he had to pass on his double MVP crown to the great Nikola Jokić, Giannis Antetokounmpo still has a lot of reasons to celebrate and be happy!

For starters, his Bucks are returning to the NBA Finals for the first time since 1974 (when they lost) with a desire to repeat what that team accomplished in 1971 when they won their only title. “The Greek Freak” had to watch the Eastern Conference finals from the stands due to injury, but the prognosis for his return to the floor in the grand final is quite optimistic, and this should delight every basketball fan because we can be sure that it will be a real spectacle.

We mentioned that he has several reasons to celebrate, and one of them is certainly the third edition of his signature line – Zoom Freak 3. If you were fortunate enough to already wear one of the first two models, you can be sure that everything about the 3s is only getting better! Of course, the sneaker is, as always, primarily focused on Giannis’ style of play, with a special emphasis on his killer Euro step. The key moment of this move is the transfer of energy from one foot to another from all possible angles and that is why there are two insanely comfortable Zoom Air units under the front of the sneaker. An additional plus of this solution is that the foot was kept close to the floor (it is not raised) specifically to maintain control. The control is further supported by a very good multi-directional pattern on the sole.

The upper is made of breathable and very comfortable material, and as an “icing on the cake”, there is a strap on top of it, which not only looks great but also locks down the foot very well. The first announced colorways look extraordinary, and the overall aesthetics of the sneaker are also top-notch. As one interesting fact, we can point out that this sneaker was first worn on an NBA court by another Bucks player. Of course, it was the “Sneaker King” P.J. Tucker!

The Greek Freak’s reasons to celebrate do not stop with this, so there is one more piece of great news, and it is the Nike Giannis Immortality.


This is Giannis’ team sneaker, which looks fantastic at first glance. We will probably bring a detailed overview of this B model of the signature line in an upcoming video, but for now, we can single out an attractive heel design with a wavy line going through it. Then, there are also the lightweight materials of the upper, as well as the “herringbone” pattern on the sole that makes us especially happy. Finally, there is also plenty of the Freak logo/branding on it so it seems to us that this model with its more affordable price will be a real hit!

These are the main exciting news from the life of one of the best basketball players in the world and we’ll just suggest you keep following us for additional reviews and information on the arrival of new models.

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