Hi, this is written by Hrvoje (maybe you know me from GB video reviews :D) and I have to tell you right away that I am a big fan of Donovan Mitchell as a person and a player, and I consider his signature line of sneakers a big and positive surprise since the first issue.

In fact, it is Issue #1 that my older son has and he wears them everywhere. He has never complained that they are uncomfortable and after a year they are still in very good condition and he can wear them easily. Every parent will agree that this is a very good recommendation 🙂

adidas don issue #2

Then there is Issue #2, which I have been wearing for a long time, and with great pleasure. Here it may be important to mention or repeat the fact that all the sneakers in our store are intended for playing indoors, but there are also those that are great for outdoor courts because of their durability and reliable soles. Of course, I am writing this because the 2s are just like that, so I use them outside very often, and sometimes I wear them all day without any problems because they look too good. In terms of appearance, this entire line is characterized by numerous color combinations that will satisfy everyone’s taste. Check the available colorways here >>

Now we come to the sequel to this great story and the D.O.N. Issue #3 model! The sneakers have not yet joined my rotation, so for now I have only tested them in our Zagreb store, after which I am again delighted with the idea that Donovan Mitchell and the designers at adidas came up with. The first big news is the change in technology used – in the first two models Bounce was used, while now it has been replaced by the very comfortable Lightstrike. We could already see it being used on the Harden 4 and Dame 6 and Dame 7 models with excellent results. Since Lightstrike has “spongey” characteristics, I like that there is a plastic part on the outside of the sneakers that brings stability to the feet.

Additionally, in terms of stability or even a sense of security, the elastic band below the middle of the laces should be highlighted. Personally, I really like this because a lot of models are bringing back the classic velcro strap, and this is a slightly different solution that brings great lockdown. Another good aesthetic-functional detail of the laces is a flap above the rear / upper eyelet, similar to what we used to see in some classic models.

Then there are the materials of the upper in which there were no major changes compared to previous models. So, again, it is a lightweight, breathable and durable mesh material. It could be said that with the 3s there was a reduction in the upper portion of the shoe because the 2s and to an extent the 1s had a “bulky” look.

We’ll end this great story with the sole that also shares the similarities of its pattern with the one on the 2s, while the difference is that under the toe and heel the 3s have a herringbone pattern that we’re sure will be great.

Donovan Mitchell already wore this model in the playoffs where he, unfortunately, played less than expected, but we are sure that he will return with even more determination next season and that he will bring us many more colorways of this promising sneaker.

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