Wow, today’s blog is so full of exciting and exclusive information that it’s not easy for us to decide where to start.

Obviously, the focus is on the latest Air Jordan 36 model that truly sets new standards for performance basketball shoes, but at the same time, we have to talk about Luka Dončić who is one of the main Jordan ambassadors, along with players such as Satou Sabally, Jayson Tatum, Rui Hachimura, Guo Ailun, Kia Nurse and Zion Williamson, and who got his own colorway of the 36s.

With these “sweet worries” we decided to flip a coin, so we will start with some of the more important things that marked the magical career of Luka Donćić. For those who don’t know, Luka showed as soon as after his first few practices for Union Olimpija at the age of 8 what kind of a legendary player he would become. That is why, already at the age of 13, he signed a five-year contract with the great Real Madrid and continued showcasing his skills there, which led him to become the youngest player in the history of the Real Madrid professional team during the 15/16 season at the age of 16.

He soon won awards for the best young player in the Spanish league and Euroleague, and in the 17/18 season, he shined as the MVP of both competitions in which he led his team to championship titles! After this, it was clear that the NBA was his next logical step, and by coming to Dallas he continued with his impressive performances so he won the Rookie of the year award with an average of 21.2 points, 6 assists, and 7.8 rebounds. This made him one of the few players to finish their first NBA season with an average of at least 20 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds, and that company includes Oscar Robertson, Tyreke Evans, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan! MJ and Luka quickly became connected on a common path 🙂

During the second season, he confirmed his immense popularity and became a starter for the Western Conference in the All-Star Game, while also successfully leading the Mavericks to the playoffs where he set a record for the number of points in his first playoff appearance with 42! Although the Mavs lost that series to the Clippers, all fans will definitely remember Luka’s spectacular game-winning, buzzer-beating three-pointer while also becoming the youngest player recording a triple-double with a minimum of 40 points (in that same game)!

At the end of the season, he was voted into the “All-NBA First Team”. Speaking of triple-doubles, it is interesting that Luka currently has 36 of them, which is another great connection with Jordan, or specifically with this year’s flagship model. In addition to all this, it would be unfair to omit Luka’s huge success with the Slovenian national team, highlighted with the European championship title in 2017 and Slovenia’s first-ever appearance at the men’s basketball tournament at the Olympic Games where the country finished in fourth place.

All of this led to Luka signing the biggest ever rookie contract extension ($ 207 million for 5 years with Dallas), being the cover athlete of the NBA 2K22 video game, and, what is perhaps most interesting to us, a very special status within the Jordan brand. This status is very well shown by the 77 / L7 logo and his own colorway that we mentioned earlier.

DJ4483-400 Luka Doncic Air Jordan 36

Now we’re going to take a little break from our hero and turn to the truly unique Air Jordan 36 sneakers. For starters, we can take a sneak peek “into the mind” of designer Tate Kuerbis, who presented the main features of the 36 in this short and interesting video:

So, the first and perhaps most important piece of information that pops up after watching the video and trying out the sneakers is that they are extremely light and fast which is accomplished with a few modifications. First, we could see a perforated insole in the video. Then, there was a further development of Eclipse plate technology (making this sneaker an evolution of the Air Jordan 34 and Air Jordan 35 models) which now uses less material thus bringing the foot even closer to the playing surface.

DJ4483-400 Luka Doncic Air Jordan 36

The third big factor for reduced weight is especially miraculous, and it is the upper part of the sneaker for which a special jacquard leno-weave material was used and a technique in which vertical and horizontal threads are intertwined. In this way, the sneaker is also extremely durable, breathable, and easily adapts to your foot.

DJ4483-400 Luka Doncic Air Jordan 36

Furthermore, our entire team is particularly excited about the Zoom Air Strobel, which has been one of the best Nike technologies for some time, especially when it is “enhanced” with an additional Zoom Air unit under the front of the foot – as is the case here. For those who haven’t read our previous blogs, let’s just say that this “killer” combination provides amazing speed, comfort, and responsiveness when playing or practicing, and you can see this right after you put on the 36s and make just a few moves!

Although it is the least exposed part, the sole is a very important part of this sneaker.

DJ4483-400 Luka Doncic Air Jordan 36

The multi-directional “herringbone” pattern brings excellent results in the context of movement control, and style-wise it has an interesting opening on the heel through which the Strobel is visible, while in the middle (below the Eclipse plate) there is a shape identical to the hole on the tongue from the original AJ6 model.

This also continued the trend of connecting the Air Jordan model from the 31st edition to the current one with details of the original editions from 30 years ago. Another such detail here is the cover above the laces. That part continues to the tip of the tongue and is also perforated – 36 times. We don’t have to emphasize that this and all the other characteristics combine for a great look!

DJ4483-400 Luka Doncic Air Jordan 36

When we mention the look, we can now go back to Luka’s colorway which is of course dominated by the blue color of his NBA team and his really interesting minimalistic logo. We must add that the logo also underwent a redesign and differs from the one that Luka had on his first Jordan PE (player exclusive) model. In the end, the final thing we still have to add as exclusive info that we mentioned at the beginning is that this special Luka colorway will only be available from the website and in Grosbasket, which we’re really excited about! We are proud to be the only exclusive basketball retailer to have this model and you can be sure we will prepare something special for its release! Stay tuned!