We are very proud to be (besides nike.com) the only basketball shop that had the privilege to offer our customers this special colorway of the new Jordan performance shoe. As we were the only exclusive basketball retailer to have this model we decided to prepare something special for its release in Luka’s hometown! We set up the basketball court in front of our shop in Ljubljana and organized the first »basketball raffle” in history!
The person who was drawn from the raffle applicants had to also prove on the court to get the right to buy this great performance shoe. The raffle contestants then had to draw one of the three challenges that were inspired by Luka and prove they are the right material for the Jordan 36 “Luka Dončić” shoe:
🏀 STEP BACK CHALLENGE: In 30 seconds, you have to hit a winning 3-point shot in the same way that Luka managed in the 4th game against the LA Clippers.
🏀 ROUTE AROUND THE WORLD IN 7 THROWS: Game Around the World, which is shortened to 7 throws. You have to hit at least 4 of the 7 throws (you only have one shot in each position!), You are not limited in time for this challenge.
🏀 DOUBLE 3-POINTER: In 30 seconds you have to hit at least two 3-point shots, you pick up the ball yourself.

We also got some special guests for this occasion – Saša Dončić (Luka’s dad, former player, now basketball coach), Zoran Dragič (Luka’s teammate from SLO national team), and Gregor Sevšek (Luka’s biggest Slovenian fan).
Thank you all for coming – we had lots of fun! 🙂