What happens if we organize a tournament with sixteen top players in a 1-on-1 game? Who will be the one to beat 15 opponents and take home the grand prize of 1,500 EUR? We answered this question on Friday, September 3!
We set up the basketball court in front of our store in Ljubljana and this was the main arena for 16 players from 5 different countries – all hungry for the win!

Looking good, guys!
All players got Nike equipment and Nike Freak 3 shoes to play in!


Last Name Name Country
Mlakar Dejan SLO
Ličen Jure SLO
Hercegovac Jasmin SLO
Palavra Željko BiH
Jović Željko CRO
Jukić Ivan CRO
Ježek Simon CZ
Zach Daniel CZ
Popović Dean CRO
Papak Dario CRO
Saičić Ivan SRB
Trajković Vladimir SRB
Ritlop Jure SLO
Samardžič Dušan SRB
Popović Ivan SRB
Svoboda Ivan CRO

In the first round, we randomly draw 4 groups by 4 players; in which group all players played with other players in the group. The best ones then continued to quarterfinals: QF1: Jasmin Hercegovac, & Dušan Samardžić (3:9), QF2: Jure Ritlop & Vladimir Trajković (7:2), QF3: Ivan Svoboda & Dejan Mlakar (7:11) and QF4: Ivan Popović & Ivan Saičić (0:8).

With the finals results, 9:2 in the semifinals Saičić was better than Mlakar and Samadržić won the game against Ritplop with 9:6. We were witnessing a great game between the two Serbs, but at the end, Saičić has to admit the defeat against Dušan Samardžić (7:10).

Congratulations, Dušan! 🙂

The fight did not take only on the court, but also on the stage! Eight freestylers were proving their strength on the microphone with 3 different battle games. In the first round, all battlers got 5 words that are connected to basketball and had to use them in their lyrics. The best four guys then continued in the second round where each battler got their basketball role (trainer VS player and streetballer VS pro baller).

Rap battle moderator: Trkaj!
Rap battle jury: Tadi Tada, Ballau & Sajko.
Rap battle DJ: Jizah

In the last round UM & Unknown, two experienced battlers, faced, each other in the classic battle. The ultimate winner was UM and the whole battle ended with a really awesome rap cypher.

Finale: UM & Unknown
The winner!

The true Street Elite event cannot take place without some cool sneakers so we decided to organize some in-store raffles – Jordan 4 “Lightning”, WMNS Air Jordan 4 “Shimmer” and a very limited quantity of Air Jordan 1 High “Dark Mocha”!

Event hosts!
Food truck Caminito
The crowd 🙂
DJ Evharisto
Barber Room By Edis
Sole Cleanic

The whole day we were vibing with DJ Evharisto, people could jump on the barber chair of Barber Room by Edis, and get their sneakers cleaned by The Sole Cleanic team. On this day, for the first time in the history of Grosbasket, we also organized night shopping so our shop was opened until 00.00! On this awesome day, we finished off with guys from an awesome trap music group Atlas Erotika.

This was a truly an AWESOME event! Thank you all for coming! 🙂