Adidas introduces the first Trae Young signature modelIn case you don’t follow college basketball in the US, the 2018 NBA draft could have been quite a surprise to you when a trade was made that included Luka Dončić. But today, everyone knows who was the other player in that swap because Trae Young became one of the best young players in the NBA, which is confirmed after every new game he plays – but for many in Europe, this draft move did not make immediate sense. However, given his current status, it was logical for Adidas to designate him as one of the new faces of their company and develop his signature line of sneakers – the Adidas Trae Young 1. This is the main topic of the blog, but we must first focus on his career which is why he was already labelled as a great talent in high school.

One interesting detail from that time is that Trae didn’t even play for his high school as a freshman at all, but there is a very good reason for that. His father Rayford Young (who had a respectable basketball career at Texas Tech University and in Europe) was his personal coach. However, as soon as he joined his high school team as a sophomore, it became clear what kind of a player he was as he averaged 25 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. These statistics “exploded” for him by senior year since he recorded averages of 42.6 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game with a 48.9% shot percentage.This made him one of the most sought after players for all universities, and he chose the University of Oklahoma and just continued his impressive streak. The best confirmation of this is the fact that Trae is the only player ever to lead the NCAA in scoring and assists during the same season (27.4 p and 8.7 a)! After this came the draft we mentioned because Young decided it was time to play on the biggest stage …

That decision seems to have been very good because after his first season he was unanimously selected to the All-Rookie First Team, and then during the ‘20/’21 season he made a lot of noise with his Hawks in the playoffs. Specifically, after the first game, he joined an elite group including LeBron James, Chris Paul and Derrick Rose as a player who had at least 30 points and 10 assists in his first playoff game. His accomplishment is particularly impressive as it happened against the Knicks, at Madison Square Garden, and “Ice Trae” added a floater to win 0.9 seconds before the end of the game. Unfortunately, his first playoffs were also marked by minor injuries against the 76ers in the next round and then elimination against future champions from Milwaukee. By the way, he also recorded a miraculous performance against the Bucks when he became the first player in league history with 45 points and 10 assists in a conference final game. After this, everyone definitely found out how dangerous Atlanta will be for their opponents in the future, mostly because of the main character of today’s story.We are getting very close to our main focus on the Adidas Trae Young 1s, but before that, we found some more interesting information about him:

The floater is a shot that he worked on from an early age to avoid getting his shot blocked and then he added a 3-point shot to his arsenal, which is why many began to compare him to Steph CurrySince high school, the only season he averaged less than 20 points was his NBA rookie seasonThe late Kobe and his daughter Gigi stated that Young is one of their favourite young NBA playersThe trade from the beginning of the blog is the reason why he and Luka are still good friends todayHis best NBA friend is Michael Porter Jr. with whom he played in his younger days

Now we can turn to the Adidas Trae Young 1 model which we are very excited about! For starters, it’s OK to point out that Trae has been wearing the Adidas N3XT L3V3L model for the last couple of years, which have – no shoelaces. This has something to do with his signature model because, although laces are used, there are only two eyelets while above the laces there is also a cover for additional stability. Stability is also supported by the mesh material of the upper with a few details or parts made from suede that look great.Yet perhaps the main strength of the sneaker is its lower half which features Boost foam/technology under the heel for comfort and full-length Lightstrike that provides great energy return. Each movement is further enhanced with a herringbone pattern under the front of the sole and concentric circles under the heel which makes the grip perfect. Special praise also goes for the parts of the sole extending to lateral and medial sides of the foot to increase lockdown.In the end, we can only repeat what Trae said when he got his signature model: “This moment is really special as it’s a reminder to the next generation of hoopers that through hard work and focus you can achieve your dreams. Trae young 1 is a symbol of that for me. “So, dream on and focus on your dreams, and in the meantime check out the Trae Young 1 offer in our stores or on the website 😉