This special and celebratory 75th NBA season has already been marked in many impressive ways, and now it’s time for something that our entire team is really looking forward to – the new City Edition jerseys.

Ever since Nike became the official supplier of jerseys for the NBA in 2017, it is these City Edition releases that bring the boldest design ideas each year and that connect clubs even more closely with their cities and fans.

The latest series also has an additional dimension related to the history of franchises and we have to admit that there are some really great looks. We will try to share a few details for each team, and after reading the blog be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be the first one to know when the jersey arrives!

Atlanta Hawks

The return of the hawk with wings spread across the entire chest alone would be reason enough for praise, but in addition to this, nice details (e.g. numbers) from older versions of the jerseys have also been added.

Boston Celtics

There was no problem here to reach for a whole range of details from the club’s rich past and we’re especially happy to see the return of Lucky the Leprechaun.

Brooklyn Nets

New Jersey, where the team used to play, is naturally included in the design, and the use of the red-white-blue color combination is a clear link to the club’s roots from the ABA league.

Charlotte Hornets

The jersey uses an inscription over the chest written in cursive that the club has never actually used, but the vertical lines across the entire jersey are a clear link to the 1990s.

Chicago Bulls

Here we also have cursive across the chest that dates from 1966 and the diamond on the sides of the shorts with black color and red vertical stripes is a reminder of the glorious “Last dance” days.

Cleveland Cavaliers

A jersey that has a swordsman on it will surely be unique, and it is in fact a team logo from the 70s, while the logo from the 90s appears on the shorts, as well as the championship logo from 2016.

Dallas Mavericks

Definitely one of the jerseys that has a heavy retro look thanks to the blue-white-green color combination and a logo with a cowboy hat on the chest.

Denver Nuggets

Due to the bold use of various colors from older jersey versions, this one will surely be a hit!

Detroit Pistons

Clean design without too many details that uses colors and fonts to pay homage to the team’s championship titles.

Golden State Warriors

The designers opted for a smaller number of details here as well, but the lightning bolts on the sides of the jersey are a perfect link to the “We Believe” team from the late 2000s.

Houston Rockets

This is a “remix” of the jersey from the mid-90s, which is actually one of the most popular in the entire history of the franchise.

Indiana Pacers

This jersey stands out with a diagonal line across the chest that we don’t see often with NBA teams, and everything fits perfectly into the well-known colors of the club.

LA Clippers

The team’s rarely used light blue color pays homage to the Buffalo Braves and San Diego Clippers that are the club’s predecessors, while the lettering across the chest is a link to recent history.

LA Lakers

Although dominated by purple, the light blue details are a reminder of the days when the team was still in Minneapolis, and the two stars around the number on the chest are great details of this otherwise minimalist design.

Memphis Grizzlies

The jersey looks similar to the current one, but it is full of various details from the history of the club, and the bear scratches over the inscription on the chest stand out in particular.

Miami Heat

As the team has used many different fonts for the club’s name throughout history they are now all quite boldly and effectively used across the chest of the jersey.

Milwaukee Bucks

The current champions put a lot of emphasis on last season, but by using purple they pay tribute to early 2000s teams while the belt on the shorts is a reminder of the Jabbar and Robertson days.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The inscription on the chest is a return to one of the most popular NBA jerseys, and the blue color is a link to the inaugural season from 1989.

New Orleans Pelicans

Given the somewhat specific history of the club in which Charlotte and Oklahoma City were the cities where the they also played, the Pelicans clearly showed their love to New Orleans with a look similar to their current jersey.

New York Knicks

The black color brings a powerful look to a club that is on its way back to the top of the Eastern Conference.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The only jersey with a vertical inscription on the chest (which looks great) coupled with the perfectly clean all white look.

Orlando Magic

These are not ordinary vertical lines but questions “Why Not Us?” and “Why Not Now?” (link to the team that played the 1995 final) from which the lines are derived, and the club seems increasingly in favor of incorporating orange into its identity.

Philadelphia 76ers

Colorful sides of the jersey with a great font and details have resulted in a unique retro-modern jersey that is sure to be a big hit.

Phoenix Suns

The team has stuck with the hugely popular “Valley” design from last season with a beautiful color gradient.

Portland Trail Blazers

Commentator Bill Schonely first used the term Rip city in a game against the Lakers on February 18, 1971 and since then it has become an important part of team and city identity so every time it returns to the jersey fans are always delighted.

Sacramento Kings

This is definitely one of the jerseys where a lot of emphasis has been placed on the club’s history which includes the days when the team played in Rochester, Kansas City and finally Sacramento. The team’s current home was given the most significant detail with a beautiful retro Sactown inscription over the chest.

San Antonio Spurs

Fiesta! Although the jersey is dominated by white color, the most attention is drawn by lively colors that have been part of the club’s identity since the 1990s, while the Dallas Chaparrals logo appears on the pants, representing the original ABA club from which today’s Spurs originated.

Toronto Raptors

The return of the great black and gold combination guarantees success for the jersey, while the original Raptor logo, with the championship season North jersey on him, stands out on the chest.

Utah Jazz

Gradients of colors that glorify natural beauties of the state of Utah returned to the jersey due to its exceptional popularity and really great appearance.

Washington Wizards

The horizontal lines are a reminder of the 60s and 70s when the team was called Bullets thus making a great tribute to the championship team from the 1977-8 season led by Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld.

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