The eighth flagship model of the impressive Kyrie series is also called “Infinity” because, of course, when the number eight is placed horizontally it becomes the symbol for infinity.

Luckily we didn’t have to wait that long – although some already felt that way. The reason for that was the excitement around the sneaker that had great potential and now we can confirm that this hype was justified. We will jump in right away into everything new and great that Kyrie and his team have come up with.

First up, we’ll highlight quite a unique solution for foot lockdown created with “wings” above the eyelets – they are actually two straps, one of which runs behind the entire heel and the other around the front of the foot. Besides providing security, this ensures that the fit is basically perfect for almost every type of foot, all depending on how the shoelaces are adjusted. So, you can definitely get the sneaker in your usual Nike size if you are ordering online.

Since we are talking about the top part of the shoe, it is always good to see that leather and suede materials are used, and here they are placed around the ankle, meaning that in addition to a great look, they also provide additional reinforcement. The front part of the upper is made of breathable mesh material that provides safety and durability.

So far, everything looks great! The midsole consists of the Zoom Strobel under the front of the foot, while in the back there is a standard Zoom. Trust us, you will feel all of this under your feet in the best possible way that provides comfort and explosiveness. This is actually a significant improvement in the amount of technology used in comparison to earlier models, but it is interesting that even with this, your foot is actually even closer to the ground than in previous Kyries.

Finally, we will go over the sole which, as always with the Kyrie series has a slightly different than usual multi-directional pattern, but (as always) it provides excellent results on the court, so you can be sure that there will be no problems with movement control or speed. The sole also features Kyrie’s signature and an “eight” under the heel through which you can see the Zoom Air we mentioned earlier. We can also highlight excellent heel-to-toe transition, which provides excellent energy transfer for every move you make.

Finally, the Kyrie 8 receives a “straight A” from us and we are looking forward to hearing what you think of them when you try them out!