This is a sneaker that the “Joker” loves, but they are not a joke – because we are sure that the MVP always makes sure that his shoes are yet another advantage over his opponents.

For those who don’t know, Nikola Jokić is not a sneakerhead like most NBA players and that is why we are certain that he is only interested in kicks that will provide him with everything he needs to keep his game far above most of the competition. Trust us, the Nike G.T. Jump do just that. We already wrote about the G.T. or “Greater Than” series in a blog about the G.T. Run model, and “Jump” gives this great story an exciting sequel.

Let’s start with first impressions: when you briefly look at this basketball shoe, it isn’t necessarily very similar to an earlier model, but it is very reminiscent of the legendary Nike Shox celebrated by Vince Carter. We can add that the G.T. Jump even leaped over them in a way because it truly delivers a “jumpy” sensation that you will feel because of all the technological marvels hidden in them. We will write more about these details later and now we will highlight yet another historical link. Specifically, we can see five dots on the sneaker, and they first appeared on the famous Alpha Project models from the late nineties. So, these foundations alone serve as a great announcement, which is why we strongly suggest that you check out and/or get the G.T. Jump.

Almost all technologies in one basketball sneaker

This is a basketball sneaker that may not compete with other flagship models in terms of appearance, but it is at the very top when it comes to the technologies it uses. For starters, below the entire foot there is a full-length Zoom Strobel and then two more Zoom Air units under the heel and toes. On its own, this is already impressive, but the full potential of the sneaker is unlocked by the plastic “Pebax Jump Frame” at the middle part of the foot. It has the role of collecting and releasing energy that you create and that the Air components amplify. This may all sound a bit abstract, but it will all become crystal clear to you when you try on the sneakers.

Trying/putting on will be very easy thanks to the Jumpwire upper which is quite similar to the “jacquard leno-weave” from the Air Jordan 36 model. Due to the flexibility of this material, sneakers can be put on “in a second”, and then the following second your foot will feel comfortable in them as if you have been wearing them for who knows how long. This also means that you can choose your standard Nike size when shopping online, and some members of our team were also happy to go half a size down. The upper is also very breathable because it is partially transparent, and according to the first tests we can be quite sure that it is durable.

Nike Zoom GT Jump ''Own Space''This whole package is perfectly completed with a herringbone sole, which is also enhanced with different depths of the grooves, thus enabling maximum adjustment to the playing surface depending on the force with which you move. You will also notice smaller holes in the sole and they are used because of all the Air technology we mentioned earlier. Specifically, their role is to allow all of these parts to do their job without being completely closed, thus extending the life of the model and reducing the risk of the sneaker breaking.

Now that we have introduced these awesome basketball sneakers, we look forward to seeing you in our stores or on our website, and then to seeing the Nike G.T. Jump on your feet: DFind them here!