Forget the old normal. Don’t think about the new normal. You don’t even have to think too much about positions. Instead, focus on the old-new or the new-old! This is exactly what the basketball sneakers we are writing about in this blog are like, and specifically it is the Converse All Star BB Shift model that arrived to Grosbasket. Converse will always have that old school vibe all basketball fans like, and ever since Nike took over* we can freely say that a lot of new, modern and very good things have been added to the historical foundations of the brand.

*You can learn more about the history and development of the Converse company and brand in our earlier blog:
Converse: The first real basketball brand

We also mentioned positions in the introduction, and the reason for that is that the BB Shift is made for positionless players, and in the NBA this pair is very well and successfully promoted by Kelly Oubre, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Draymond Green.

Nike brings benefits

So, these basketball sneakers have a great look that combines retro with modern trends and then all of it is even more improved with Nike technologies. With this model, the main example of it is the Air Zoom, with a sizeable Air unit covering almost the entire area under the front of the foot. Since this All Star BB Shift model places great emphasis on keeping your feet low to the ground, you will really feel and enjoy the Zoom.

We can further highlight that the profile of the sneaker is also very low and it further emphasizes the fact that this is a model for players who are skilled enough to play at all positions:

– speed is increased by the soft, light and breathable upper materials that are very similar to the leno weave concept we saw with the Air Jordan 36, while the difference is that with the Converse All Star BB Shift that part is not transparent, but it is still breathable enough
– stability and changes in movement are supported by reinforced parts along the laces on the inner (medial) side, around the ankle and above the big toe, then by a TPU (thermoplastic) part on the outer (lateral) side and finally by a leather heel counter
– control is provided by the radial sole pattern which is somewhat of a connection with the legendary AJ1 and AF1 models and their circular patterns

In the end, we can additionally praise the sole, which is excellent on the court, and it should be quite good on outdoor courts as well. In addition to this, materials aimed at reducing the weight of the sneaker will still be durable.

This Converse story in which their retro / classic lifestyle models are back and new performance basketball sneakers are being added is great, so we invite you to join us and enjoy all the exciting things that are still to come!

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