Spring, sun and nice weather mean only one thing – returning to outdoor basketball courts!

This will also bring back one question we hear very often at this time of the year: “what are the best basketball shoes to play / practice on asphalt or other outdoor surfaces?”
Before we get started with suggestions of models from top basketball brands, we will first give a few main tips that you need to keep in mind, and even before that, here’s one important note: almost all sneakers in the world are produced primarily for indoor courts, which means that outdoor use will speed up their wear and tear.

Key factors

With the tips we mentioned, we will help you find the ideal solutions for your needs and style of play! So, basketball shoes that are better than others for playing outside have these characteristics:
– durable rubber outsole
– the sole pattern groves should be deeper and more wide apart
– the material of the upper needs to be more durable
– technology must provide greater resistance to stress coming from playing on outdoor surfaces
– bonus: it is advisable to consider lower priced models, especially since more frequent outdoor use can mean that the sneaker will last one or two spring/summer seasons at best, and we hope that we do not have to emphasize how the sneakers that you only use indoors should never be worn outside.

Team sneakers

Although we listed the price as the last item or a bonus, we will start with it and highlight some models of basketball sneakers that are seldom in focus. These are team models of the world’s best basketball players signature lines and here are some of them:

adidas Harden Stepback
Nike KD Trey 5
Nike Giannis Immortality
Nike Kyrie Flytrap
Nike LeBron Witness

You should pay close attention to the last two from the list, because with the Kyrie model we have to talk about the sole, which, in addition to durability, also brings great control. On the other hand, LeBron’s love for AIR technology (which is very visible on his main, flagship models) has been very successfully transferred to the team basketball sneaker, and your feet and knees will be very happy about it.

Under Armour

We will continue with a few examples that are also more affordable and, of course, have excellent performance for outdoor use. This will actually zoom in on the Under Armour brand and three of their basketball sneakers for which we received great feedback from a large number of customers in our stores in Budapest, Ljubljana and Zagreb. They are:

– UA Spawn
– Under Armor HOVR Havoc
Under Armor Embiid 1


We will continue with adidas, which also has two great lines that meet almost all the criteria listed at the beginning of the blog.

adidas Dame, with a particularly great sole and a very durable, but also comfortable upper
adidas D.O.N. Issue from Donovan Mitchell whose main strengths are comfort and durability, while awesome colorways with great stories and messages are just an “icing on the cake”

Nike / Air Jordan

Finally, we must talk about some Nike and Air Jordan flagship models of basketball sneakers, which, although moving to a higher price range, will definitely give you everything you need to dominate!

– Nike KD14 will delight you with comfortable Strobel technology, but also with its outsole
Air Jordan Zion 1 – you just need to remember that they are made to withstand and support Zion’s style of play

We hope this helped you make a decision and if you have an opportunity to visit one of our stores we will be happy to help with additional tips. See you!