As we already wrote and talked in our reviews for previous Nike PG basketball sneakers, Paul George always puts the greatest emphasis on two things: clouds and ways.

Specifically, he wanted sneakers that would make him feel like he was walking on clouds and that would support his two-way playing style that helps him excel both on offense and defense.

Kristine Gerig, a senior designer at Nike who worked on these amazing sneakers, added: “The progression from the PG 1 to the PG 6 is a perfect representation of the evolution of the game. Players are getting faster, shiftier and able to cover the entirety of the court and they need a shoe that can do the same. This shoe is about the full court experience – it’s lightweight but comfortable, cushioned and incredibly responsive.” We totally agree with this!

No Air technology? No problem!

The evolution of this shoe line we just mentioned was always coupled with courage to make significant changes that can sometimes be risky, but PG and his team almost always find solutions that make his basketball sneakers very popular with professional basketball players in the NBA and European leagues and also with amateurs and recreational players. This year, that change is really brave and at first glance strange to many. Specifically, there is no sign of any Air technology in these shoes, and React foam, which was made famous by Nike running shoes, is used as the only cushioning. It’s difficult to put into words how well this was crafted and how much comfort and energy recovery each movement brings. It really is something you will best understand when you try on the PG 6.

The next major plus is the sole and it also has a different and unusual evolutionary solution. More precisely, the pattern at the bottom is very unique, and the results it provides are – very above average. A particularly interesting point is the PG logo, which starts at the bottom of the shoe and extends to the lateral side thus creating a nice visual detail, while also providing additional lateral lockdown of the foot. We must also point out the tongue as it is often neglected when choosing ideal sneakers, but this will not be the case here because it also provides a very high level of comfort. After all this, you will probably remember the clouds we mentioned earlier when you put them on; D

As we mentioned that this is a light sneaker, an important factor is the multi-layer textile upper, which after the first tests shows it will be durable and give you a sense of security with every move. Another impression we got after testing them in the gym is that this model will be much more suitable for indoor use, and if you are looking for outdoor sneakers, be sure to check out our recent blog on the subject: The best outdoor sneakers

In the end, however, we will return our focus on the star of the blog and his latest basketball sneakers – and all we have to add is that the PG 6 is a model you will enjoy and get everything you need from it to be successful against your opponents both on offense and defense – just like Paul George.