You know very well that you can find basketball shoes from the best brands at our stores.

Very often we have limited edition models just for you that are hard to find anywhere else in the world!
You also probably know that some sneakers, due to manufacturers’ decisions, are produced in limited quantities, and we at Grosbasket do our best to get as many pairs as possible for you. However, no matter how hard we try, with the most popular models of basketball shoes, it is very difficult to meet the high demand and that is why we introduced various selling models that you are probably familiar with if you follow us on social media or if you visit our stores in Budapest, Ljubljana, and Zagreb.

First come, first served

So, we’re starting off with the so-called “first come, first served” model, where whoever arrives first, receives priority purchasing rights, which sometimes means it is necessary to arrive much earlier than at the announced time of the release which we will always post on our social media – with the exact day and time.
According to your assessment of the popularity of a pair of sneakers, you need to see how much in advance it is desirable to come to the store. For example, if sales start at 5 pm, sometimes you need to arrive a few hours before so this is one advice you can keep in mind when it comes to this sales model.


The second model, for which we get even more questions, is the so-called raffle. Here you are applying for the right to purchase a particular sneaker. So in case you are a drawn winner in a raffle, you will not receive that sneaker as a gift. You can win free sneakers when we occasionally organize giveaways, but that’s actually a whole different topic. However, since we already mentioned this as part of our activities, we will direct you back to our social media where we will always announce such contests, so here is a list where you can follow us all so that you do not miss this information:

Tik Tok

Now we can get back to the subject of raffles where, if you are randomly drawn, you get the right to buy sneakers.
Again, we do all of this to make the whole process as fair as possible, so that everyone has equal access and opportunity to buy sneakers, especially certain colorways and models that are extremely popular. You can be sure that we are always guided by this approach and even our employees who want a certain pair, must participate in the raffle. For raffles, we also communicate (on our website and social media) the exact times when it is necessary to arrive if it is an in-store raffle or by when you need to sign up for an online raffle.

In-store raffle

Obviously, this is held in stores and one special thing to keep in mind is that when applying, you must also apply for the size of sneakers you would like to buy. So in case you get drawn, that size still has to be available. In case your desired size is already sold by the time it is your turn to buy them, you will lose the purchasing right.

Online raffle

This is a version that we have been practicing even more often lately, and it has been significantly influenced by the pandemic. The online raffle is specific in that you apply online and, at the time of registration, you must leave your PayPal account information where you must have enough funds to be reserved at the time of registration. Specifically, those funds are reserved; they are not withdrawn from your account and, in case you are drawn in the raffle, then these funds are withdrawn and a purchase transaction is carried out.
On the other hand, in case you are unlucky and not randomly drawn in the online raffle, the reservation is canceled and the funds are returned to you. Sometimes this process can take several days, depending on whether the funds are directly in your PayPal account or linked to your credit or debit card at a bank. So, this can be a process that takes some time, and in case you have any uncertainties, issues or questions – you can always let us know. Our contacts are available on the website and we hope that all this helps you at least a little.

As a last recommendation, take a look at our page with announcements of upcoming sneakers so that you can prepare on time ;D