We all know, how important it is to establish an environment that is sustainable for every living being on our planet. Of course, saving the world doesn’t happen in one move, but to start we have to take the first step.

It’s time to take action!

How are we at Grosbasket making our first steps towards the reduction of our footprint on the environment?
I know you must be asking yourself what do basketball sneakers, shorts, t-shirts and basketball balls have to do with sustainability and environment.

Have you noticed it jet?

We are sure that while browsing through our website to find your next basketball sneakers, you already came across a unique green badge. The badge represents our green products that are made from recycled or organic materials. Amazing, right? Actually, that’s trash. That’s what?

Nike cosmic unity: First Basketball shoe from recycled materials.

This is trash. This literally is trash. But the trash, that was transformed into a great performance shoe! Nike Cosmic Unity is a basketball shoe, made from at least 20% recycled materials. But this was just the first step towards the recycled sports sneakers and wear. Now there are plenty of other green products from that you can get at our online store or Grosbasket stores in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Budapest.


Move to Zero

A great example of sustainability is set by Nike. Ever since 2019, when they launched their Move to Zero, they are making big steps toward their 2050 goal.

  • Carbon – Nike aims to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its owned or operated facilities by 70%.
  • Waste – Nike has pledged to reduce waste by 10% per unit throughout its manufacturing, distribution, headquarters, and packaging systems.
  • Water – The brand will aim for a 25% reduction in freshwater usage per kg in textile, dyeing, and finishing.
  • Chemistry – That’s why Nike plans to adopt clean chemistry alternatives for its 10 priority chemistries across the supply chain.


Make a first step

We believe that we can create an environment, where the needs of consumers and the production of the products can go hand in hand.

Our initiative also involves some activities that are enviromentally friendly within our company. We arousing shipping boxes that are made 89% – 100% out of recycled materials, in our emails we persuade that everyone prints less with the ‘’Think before you print’’ initiative and wr’re creating all processes as dogotally as posible to create fewer waste.

Make a first step. Jump on our website and check out all the other GREEN PRODUCTS that are made out of recycled or organic materials.