Russell Westbrook’s signature line is back with its 5th edition and all the great features and looks that we are used to

We feel it is necessary to approach this review a bit differently, with something similar to laboratory conditions where all unwanted distractions or disruptive influences are removed. The reason for this is the fact that there is almost an inflation of drama around Russell Westbrook given how his past season with the Lakers played out. Those opinions are secondary right now. Our only focus is on yet another hit basketball shoe from Beastbrook’s signature line which is the Jordan Why Not Zer0.5!


This is without a doubt a feature that requires high praise right away. The forefoot Zoom’s “bounciness” is something we are very much used to with the entire Why Not series and the 5th edition of the basketball sneaker did not disappoint in this segment! It will not take any time at all for you to see what we are talking about – you will feel it right away after putting the shoe on. Once again, this is even further enhanced with the decoupled sole and the great back to front transfer of energy it delivers. Bottom line – speed and comfort are guaranteed!
Speaking of the sole, it’s pattern is a bit different and created on the basis of The Brodie’s movements. Our in store testing returned great results and the only recommendation we have is to keep these shoes for indoor use only. In case you are looking for outdoor shoes, we have you covered so check out our earlier blog with recommendations:


The recommendation to use the shoes indoors applies to playing (of course), but you can definitely wear them outside as a lifestyle model because there is once again a great number of bold and beautiful colorways you can choose from so make sure to check the ones we have in our collection:

An important element of the appearance is the translucent mesh upper that is covered with additional materials in some areas, so apart from the awesome look this also brings breathability and overall stability. Lockdown is further supported by the lacing system and the heel counter makes sure there is slipping in the back.

The advice

As we already explained, you will love the comfort of the shoes and it’s even better that they require minimal time to be broken in. As far as sizing goes, you can go true to size while wide footers might have to go half a size up. We are excited to hear your feedback and opinion of this shoe so make sure to let us know on any of our Grosbasket social media channels:

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