The Redeem Team is the American national team that conquered the competition at the 2008 Olympics.

The American basketball team that competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics is also known as The Redeem Team. Sixteen years after the extraordinary “Dream Team” of the United States of America and after several years of losses in the biggest competitions, the best American basketball players of the NBA were gathered. They had only one goal in mind, they had to redeem themselves for previous losses.

From Dream Team to Redeem Team

Let’s go back in time. It’s 1992, USA coach Chuck Daly has a star-studded roster that made basketball history. Jordan, Barkley, Pippen, Bird, Ewing, Magic, Malone, Stockton, Robinson, Laettner, Drexler and Mullin. Opponents at the Barcelona Olympics fell one by one and the “Dream Team” was born. Coach Daly had another important name by his side. The assistant coach was Mike Krzyzewski or Coach K (Coach K op. p.). Four and then eight years later, the USA teams were a little less star-studded, but still strong enough for the gold medal. To put it another way, the world had not yet fully caught up with American basketball at that time, but that did happen in the following years . One of the most notable moments was the World Cup. If you were to look only at the names, you would think that the national team should win easily, but it was not so. In the second round of the championship, they were defeated for the first time by the Argentines on the wings of Luis Scola and Manu Ginobili. Yugoslavia, on the shoulders of Dejan Bodiroga, Peja Stojaković and Vlade Divac, was too strong in the quarter-finals, and they were also beaten by Spain in the match for fifth place.

The American giant was on his knees, something the public had never seen before. The words of Chuck Daly and Magic Johnson came true. Due to the legendary importance of the Dream Team, world basketball began to close the gaping hole in quality of play. The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens followed, and they were the true proof of what was written. It has been known for a long time that only the Olympic gold counts for Americans. Judging by the names on the list, the gold medal should have gone to the Americans here as well. This did not happen, as they were historically defeated in the semi-finals by the Argentinians, who became a real thorn in the national team’s side, built on the foundations of success in the 90s. All American efforts went into preparations for the next Olympic Games, which were held in Beijing.

The Redeem Team is a documentary about righting wrongs

Mike Krzyzewski was chosen as the head coach, and it was clear that if you want to be a part of the team, you had to commit for at least three years. It will be a process, long before the time Joel »The Process« Embiid reigned under the baskets of the Eastern Conference. Basketball players made a vow to their country and national team. This is also discussed in the The Redeem Team documentary, which can be watched on Netflix. LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul and other members of the redeem team from Beijing, talk about the moments before, during and after the Olympics. For all basketball fans, it will be wonderful to see the moments in the documentary dedicated to the Los Angeles legend Kobe Bryant.

The documentary tells the story of the team known as The Redeem Team. But the team was not the only one that redeemed itself to fans. Kobe Bryant, the aforementioned legend of the LA Lakers, got the chance to write a new story and be the real salvation of American national basketball.

The path to gold was easy at first glance

In Group B, the USA faced Spain, Greece, China, Germany and Angola. The Redeem Team won all five games they won by a combined margin of +161.

  • ZDA – China : 101-70
  • ZDA – Angola : 97-76
  • ZDA – Greece : 92-69
  • ZDA – Spain : 119-82
  • ZDA – Germany : 106-57

In the quarter-finals, they were awaited by Australia, which were too easy of a competitor and as a result they won with a score of 116:58. And then came the semi-finals, against the fierce Argentina, they were also the biggest competitor of the American national team. It seemed like the game was already won, but then Manu Ginobili got injured and but the Argentinians started playing even better, but that didn’t scare the USA team. It was here that it became clear for the first time that this was not the American national team from 2004. This was The Redeem Team who had a clear goal in mind and that was the gold medal. The victory over Argentina with 100:81 meant entry into the finals. Their opponent was Spain, who provided one of the most beautiful and best basketball matches in the history of this sport. The score 118:107 in favour of the USA capped one of the most magical and wonderful journeys of this team. The raw power and talent of American basketball and the NBA was on display.

The national team known as The Redeem Team

List of basketball players:

  • LeBron James
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Dwight Howard
  • Dwayne Wade
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Chris Paul
  • Deron Williams
  • Carlos Boozer
  • Tayshaun Prince
  • Chris Bosh, Michael Redd
  • Jason Kidd


  • Mike Krzyzewski (head coach)
  • Mike D’Antoni (assistant coach)
  • Nate McMillan (assistant coach)
  • Jim Boeheim (assistant coach)

Watch the trailer for the documentary below: