Converse presents the All Star BB Shift – the newest model of basketball shoes with a wide range of bold colour combinations.

Converse presents the All Star BB Shift – the latest basketball shoe model for all those who refuse to obey the rules, either on or off the court.

If you are a “player” who plays in all positions, if you cannot be classified in just one category, if you score, but also change the game – this model is for you.

The new silhouette of our sneaker refuses to accept the rules, just like you. A wide range of bold color combinations and exclusive canvas details are here to make anyone feel powerful on the court in these trainers. And special outside of it.

The three key technical points of the All Star BB Shift model are:

  • Motion control enabled by Nike Air Zoom technology
  • Reduced weight by virtue of synthetic fibers that guarantee breathability
  • Movement safety thanks to the flexible lacing method and the placed parts around the heel and ankle

And together they make you feel like you’re in control of the game – on the parquet, on the concrete, on the common ground…wherever you come across the ball and some teammates.

You can choose between three exclusive combinations:

  1. All Star BB Shift in black-red version with parts made of durable eco-leather.
  2. All Star BB Shift with gold details and baroque graphics.
  3. All Star BB Shift with purple accents and a Vegas-inspired pattern (casino carpets 😊).

One thing is certain, whatever model you choose, you will not go unnoticed. Both on and off the court.