Magic, Bird and Jordan wore the now legendary basketball jerseys we still see today. NBA teams have changed their jerseys over the years, but only a few are noteworthy in the eyes of basketball fans.

Basketball jerseys are almost as important as basketball sneakers. As basketball stars started becoming increasingly popular, more and more basketball jerseys could be seen on the city streets. Magic, Bird, and Jordan legends in the world of basketball played in basketball jerseys that are still seen and worn today. And it depends on the basketball players’ popularity, because even if the jersey is simple, but worn by a successful and legendary basketball player it will be among the most popular.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota has introduced quite a few interesting basketball jerseys in the past few years. The 2018-2019 Prince-Inspired City Edition and the home jersey from the same season, in which Derrick Rose wrote the 50-point fairy tale, jump to the fore. By far the most iconic is the jersey from the 2003-2004 season when Kevin Garnett also won the MVP award. When we think of the Minnesota Timberwolves, we think of this basketball jersey. But it’s all in the details, on the edges of the jersey are images of the pine, the official state tree of Minnesota. The letter T and the sharp edges of the numbers resemble wolves.

Detroit Pistons

Detroit has had very simple and minimalistic jerseys for most of its existence. The basketball jerseys worn by the “Bad-Boys” of the Pistons team are most remembered. The first was in the Isiah Thomas era when the Pistons won two titles, and the second was is in 2004, when they won the NBA championship with incredible defense. Due to the simplicity and decreasing popularity of the team, the jersey from the time of the “reign” of Grant Hill will be more noticeable. The basketball jersey paid homage to the city of motorcycles as both S’s were shaped like exhaust systems.

Vancouver Grizzlies

A team that won’t remember their time in Vancouver fondly, the only exception were their basketball jerseys. In the six seasons that the Grizzlies played in Canada, as many as 62 basketball players played for them. But at least one of the most iconic basketball jerseys came from that time. The logo is covered with bear scratches, and a grizzly is resting on the left side of the lower part of the jersey. It is because of this basketball jersey that the Vancouver Grizzlies are talked about with a bit kinder words than they should be.

Golden State Warriors

We are not talking about the last ten years, but about a specific season. This was the “We Believe” season we wrote about in the blog We Believe: Stories the NBA Writes (GSW 2006/2007). A fantastic story of a team so successful that even their basketball jersey became popular in the history books.

Seattle SuperSonics

There will never be a moment in history when you think of Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton and you don’t think of Seattle in its iconic basketball uniform. There weren’t many yellow or green-coloured NBA teams, and Seattle decided to combine the two. Very quickly the basketball jersey became one of the most popular in the history of the sport. But even more, than wanting to own this amazing jersey, the fans want basketball back in Seattle.

Phoenix Suns

At a time when their biggest star player was brave and bold, the basketball jersey was no exception. Charles Barkley is the personification of the Phoenix jersey. He joined the team after the All-Star season in Philadelphia, and at the same time, the jersey was introduced. Together with the legendary Nike CB 94 Pure Purple sneakers, they formed a legendary combination. When we think of the Suns, we think of this Phoenix Suns basketball jersey.

Atlanta Hawks

The 90s were wonderful and iconic from a basketball jersey point of view. The Atlanta Hawks introduced another jersey that paid tribute to the team’s title during the 1996-97 season. On this jersey, the eagle came to life and it was made famous by Dikembe Mutombo. They achieved 56 wins and 26 losses, but in the end, lost to Chicago in the second round of the playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks and Milwaukee Bucks have also displayed their “animals” in the past.

Philadelphia 76ers

One of the more iconic events of recent years was when the big five Simmons-Embiid-Butler-Harris-Reddick ran out of the locker room in blue jerseys with a white stripe and the inscription PHILA, equipped with ninja stripes, which were then banned by the NBA, but this time we are talking about another jersey. The black Allen Iverson-era 76ers basketball jersey is one of the most famous, most popular, and overall one of the best basketball jerseys in history. Is it a snapshot where “The Answer” crosses Tyrone Lu? Is it a historic victory in the first game against the giant Los Angeles Lakers? It’s about the culture represented by the jersey and the star player. The big SIXERS lettering on a black background is an NBA icon.

Toronto Raptors

The 1998-99 Toronto Raptors basketball jersey is one of the most recognizable jerseys in the world. Vince Carter’s incredible dunks and Tracy McGrady’s moves in the purple jersey with a frightful red raptor. Those were the times when the NBA offered two franchises to Canada, and both got off to a rocky start. Toronto and Vancouver had wonderful and iconic basketball jerseys.

Orlando Magic

Some basketball jersey designs play on nostalgia and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Orlando Magic during the era of the Shaq-Penny connection was a team worthy of nostalgia. White jerseys with thin black stripes and the word Magic, complemented by stars. Another in a series of very simple basketball jerseys, in which the greatest successes of the franchise were written (except for 2009). Speaking of nostalgia, the Orlando team brought back the iconic jerseys for the 30th anniversary. Equally popular was the so-called alternate jersey, which was black with thin white stripes and the words Orlando.

Denver Nuggets

The Denver skyline design on the most colorful jersey on our list. The bold blue background of the “Nuggets” jersey reveals the city’s skyline and the Rocky Mountains beyond. The rainbow behind the mountains is a tribute to the state of Colorado, and together with all the elements, it is one of the best basketball jerseys in the NBA. Utah took a very similar approach in the 1996-1997 season when John Stockton and Karl Malone wore a design with Utah’s mountains. Innovation, color, a tribute to the team and the city. Do we need anything more than that?

Boston Celtics / Chicago Bulls / Los Angeles Lakers

The three most famous NBA franchises and their legendary basketball jerseys. Boston’s green and white jerseys, Chicago’s red jerseys and Los Angeles’ yellow and purple jerseys. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson immediately come to mind. Three basketball players who crossed the boundaries of the sport and made the biggest mark on basketball and the NBA.