The purchase of the first or a new pair of basketball sneakers is easy to make but can be very time-consuming. Choosing the right pair of basketball sneakers is often a complex process based on many factors of choice and experience. How to find the perfect basketball sneakers that will meet all the criteria? In this blog, we focus on choosing and buying the best basketball sneakers for every foot.

Choosing the right basketball shoes

Firstly, we should point out that basketball sneakers are a piece of sports equipment that must meet certain conditions of the court and activities. But they can also be intended for free time and worn as everyday shoes even though they are not intended for that. In the latter task, we mainly aim at comfort and appearance. When it comes to choosing sneakers for sports, activities or basketball, the process is slightly different.

The selection of basketball sneakers is divided into the following steps:

  • sneaker size
  • comfort, foot and ankle support, grip
  • appearance

Basketball shoe size

Basketball is a fast and dynamic sport that requires a lot of movement and changes in speed and direction. Quality sneakers must ensure that a basketball player can play his game in them without any problems, while at the same time protecting his foot and ankle from possible injuries. And how do we check if they are the right size? The first way is, of course, that you try out the size you usually wear in other shoes. But since sneakers differ from each other, let’s use our fingers to check. Here we use two methods – we push the foot as far back or as forward as possible. The space between the end of the foot and the beginning or end of the sneaker should be between 0.6 and 1.2 centimetres. If we leave too much space, the foot will slide inside the sneaker, but if we leave too little space, the foot will be cramped.

TIP OF THE DAY: When choosing basketball sneakers, check whether the High-Top, Mid-Top or Low-Top styles of sneakers suit you best. You can read about it in our blog about different styles of basketball sneakers.

The comfort, support and grip of basketball shoes

Every person is different, and it’s exactly the same when it comes to basketball sneakers. Basically, we need to pay attention to three characteristics – comfort, support and grip.

Comfort will be affected by dimensions, material and upholstery. We aim for sneakers that will allow long-term wear during strenuous activity and will not cause discomfort and pain. The support of basketball sneakers is especially important for the safety of the feet, as the sneakers must ensure free movement of the foot and thus enable the best possible game for the basketball player. Only with great support can we play the best game. As the last factor, there is grip, because basketball requires a lot of dynamism and must prevent sliding.

The look of basketball sneakers

Appearance is influenced by material, colors and overall shape. The material (and use) depends on how long the basketball sneakers will perform their task at the highest level. The game allows the basketball player to express his style. Even the sneakers themselves allow him to do so, as he can use them to express his personality, goals and plans.

Seek help when choosing your ideal basketball sneaker

Your own foot will choose the best one, the only one to know for certain if the basketball sneaker is at the desired level. But since help is always welcome, it’s worth watching some sneaker reviewers on YouTube, you can check out our channel for reviews. You can also ask for advice in Grosbasket stores, where our experts are more than happy to help, there you can also try on a wide range of basketball sneakers and test them out on our courts.