Find out what you can buy as a Christmas present for your basketball fan.

What to buy a basketball fan for Christmas?

Whether you’re shopping for a significant other or for your younger basketball fans, buy them something more useful than a traditional winter jumper this Christmas! Let our list of Christmas gifts for a basketball fan really help you choose a gift that the recipient will love for the holidays or for a birthday later in the year.

Following is a list of our favorite gift ideas that we think could benefit every basketball enthusiast. Having the right tools as a player or coach makes a big difference. That’s why we’ve put together a list of great gifts for all basketball lovers. Some offers are specific to skills work, while others simply hint at a new basketball jersey. If you’re shopping for basketball fans, Grosbasket has everything you need!

Basketball socks  

If you’re looking for an affordable and functional gift, we recommend choosing quality basketball socks that will change the quality of every workout. Quality basketball socks are what every player wants. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also available in many different colours. So you can choose the ones that best match the player’s uniform, shorts or t-shirt.

A jersey from his favourite basketball player

Kids look up to their favourite basketball players as if they were invincible superheroes. So why not buy them their favourite player’s jersey? That way they can proudly show their love for them, which will be the envy of all their friends. A jersey really is the perfect Christmas present for a basketball fan, because they can train and motivate themselves to improve, but they can also wear it to school, leisure, etc.

A book about basketball

Grab one or all four books for the basketball enthusiast in your life and they’ll always be grateful for the gift! If your loved one enjoys listening to audiobooks, there are plenty of other educational books you can find online.

Basketball protective equipment

Is your son new to basketball and hasn’t talked about anything else since he started? Can’t get him off the court? To make sure that the wolf is fed and the goat is whole, or that your little one can do what he loves and you don’t have to worry about injuries, we recommend that you buy him basketball protection for his Christmas present, such as protective gloves, leg and knee pads, protective pants, which, with an incredibly high level of comfort, combined with solid protection, will make him a fearless player on the court.

Is your boyfriend a coach? Give him a basketball coach board!

The basketball coach’s whiteboard is a valuable tool for communicating specific tactical information to the players. In the right hands, a coach’s whiteboard can be very useful in simplifying complex movements on the court. The Grosbasket Coach Board is also fully customisable – you can add your own logos, lettering and choose your own colours. There are also two different foils available: regular or extra foil, which makes cleaning easier for a minimal extra charge.

NBA video games

You can also choose a fun Christmas gift for your favourite basketball fan – like an NBA Michael Jordan video game. For most fans, he’s the greatest basketball player of all time, a.k.a. the GOAT! While playing for the University of North Carolina, the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards, he performed some of the most legendary moves in basketball history.

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