We ranked our favorite top 10 NBA team logos

Here is the final edition of our LOGO series! After looking at brand and player logos, as well as at that of the NBA, we are wrapping things up with the top 10 NBA team logos in our opinion. Of course, there might be some who disagree with our picks so feel free to let us know on social media what are your favorites.

There are several factors we took into consideration and they include overall appearance, changes over time and historic significance. Anyway here is the list:

10. Toronto Raptors

Even though they are one of the younger teams that joined the league in 1995, they already have a rich history created by players such as Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and most notably Kawhi Leonard who helped them win their only championship trophy in 2019. On top of this, the two versions of their logo always looked great which resulted in a lot of great gear. Check it out here!

9. Charlotte Hornets

Yet another team that joined the league during the modern era. Perhaps even more impressive than their awesome logo is their sweet combination of colors and you can see what we are talking about here. Right now, things are looking pretty bright for them as they have one of the most exciting young players on their roster and that is, of course, LameLo Ball. We are happy to let you know how we recently added his signature basketball shoes as part of the new PUMA collection.

8. Milwaukee Bucks

This is an example of logo that went through a significant evolution considering that the initial version included a laid back and smiling deer which is now replaced by a buck you would not want to come across in the forest. This goes great with the energy and the results brought by their fearless leader – Giannis Antetokounmpo.

7. Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs also changed their logo through history, and it was pretty drastic. Still, both the old logo with a cowboy hat and the current one remain equally popular since they have one of the best basketball players in the world playing for them! Our Dallas collection includes a lot of great items, and so does the one for Luka Dončić.

6. Brooklyn Nets

The Nets went through so many changes that their history and visual identity deserve a separate blog, but right now we want to give them props for a great looking, minimalistic, black and white combination that looks perfect. We also have to admit that we are very interested to see how their promising, but turbulent, season will play out with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving leading the way.

5. Miami Heat

This logo was only slightly changed once and actually just some colors were altered. Basically, a flaming basketball always looks great, so it really would be a shame for it to go away. One thing where Miami went through significant and numerous changes was with its jerseys, especially in recent years, and this resulted in some great looks.

4. Seattle Supersonics

Many fans still cannot recover to this day from the fact that this team was relocated and renamed to the Oklahoma City Thunder. A significant reason for that nostalgia is the unique green and yellow combination of their visual identity. Luckily, we have a solid collection for all old school NBA fans right here.

3. Boston Celtics

The logo version pictured below that was used from 1950 to 1968 was perhaps not quite artistically inspiring. It was designed by Zang Auerbach, brother of legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach, and later replaced by the current one that, after a total of 17 NBA titles became globally recognizable. It might take you some time to go through our collection of the always popular Celtics gear.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Another logo that is globally recognizable because of 17 NBA championships and because it had only one major change, way back in 1960. Now, with LeBron James joining the long list of NBA icons to wear the purple and gold jersey, all eyes of the world are again on this team. In fact, Lakers colors are so iconic they even have their own Air Jordan 1 colorway!

1. Chicago Bulls

The only NBA team logo that never changed. The one forever associated with Michael Jordan. Yes, this is the best one for us!