The Chuck 70 Plus is an unexpected upgrade to the classic Convers model that impresses

Converse is a brand that originated in Boston, where the founder of the company, Marquis Converse, opened the Converse Rubber Company, from which the first Converse sneakers came out in 1909. There were specially created for the then not so popular, but fast-growing sport – basketball.

The Beginnings

Converse All Star sneakers were first known as “non squids” when they stepped on the basketball courts in 1917 because, thanks to their sole, they provided stability to all the players who wore them.

And in the meantime, a young man named Charles H. Taylor got a job at the company and, traveling around America and participating in basketball events as a semi-professional basketball player, he managed to further position the brand as first and foremost – for playing the game. Because of his incredible contribution, Chuck Taylor’s name was added to the All Star model, which has since been known as the Chuck Taylor All Star. The famous Star Chevron logo (the star patch on the ankle) first appeared on sneakers in 1975, on the brand new All Star Pro Leather model.

In the seventies and eighties, basketball as a sport progressed unbelievably, and the Chuck Taylor All Star slowly lost the race to competitors who implemented technical improvements to their models faster and more efficiently. So this pioneering basketball sneaker model slowly retreated from the court to the stands and increasingly became an “everyday” sneaker embraced by artists and rebels around the world.

After being part of the underground culture for decades, the Chuck 70 made a bombastic comeback in 2013 – and this time as a style necessity. The retro design has been reinterpreted and improved with top quality materials that ensure comfort, but also the ability to adapt them to your style and express your personality in them.

Many limited edition collections followed in collaboration with famous names like Maison Martin Margela, Missoni and NEIGHBORHOOD who used the Chuck 70 model as the perfect medium for their creative experiments.


Since then, the Chuck 70 has been constantly evolving and improving, and the latest in a series of iterations of this legendary model is the CHUCK 70 PLUS.

The unconventional design of the Chuck 70 Plus model combines the iconic features of the beloved design with futuristic elements. Asymmetrical, broken lines and a combination of materials leave an abstract impression, and the platform on which it all stands contributes to the fact that this “beautiful Frankenstein” catches the eye of everyone it passes by. On the other hand, the color palette in which this model comes is somewhat more classic and closer to the icon from which it originated.

Features of the Chuck 70 Plus model:

  • High Top sneakers with an upper made of about 50% recycled materials of various weights
  • OrthoLite insole that provides all-day comfort
  • Asymmetric lines and an elongated tongue that ensure a stylistic shift compared to the original
  • A twisted rubber sole that is a distorted version of the iconic Chuck Taylor design
  • “Sliced” Chuck Taylor logo on wrist

Featuring ‘exaggerated’ detailing, a raised sole and a zigzag design, this unisex model will be the perfect upgrade of your style this winter, so hurry up and grab your pair.