3×3 basketball is becoming more and more popular in Croatia, which can be seen in a growing number of well-organized tournaments.

Learn more about some of the best tournaments in Croatia!

A lot could be said about how the Croatian basketball team and clubs are doing right now, but we will focus on a specific topic that is very positive, exciting and promising. As the title implies, we will be writing about 3X3 basketball and various tournaments that are held mostly during the summer all over Croatia.

Streetball or 3×3 basketball, has been played for a long time in Croatia, but there were not many organized 3×3 tournaments until a few years ago. The popularization of 3×3 basketball under FIBA, which resulted in the inclusion of the discipline in the summer Olympic games, has led to a growing number of tournaments in Croatia every year.

Several tournaments are very interesting from different aspects:

  • excellent organization and tradition
  • amazing locations
  • top-level 3×3 basketball

PRO 3×3 Tour Croatia

The Pro 3×3 Tour is a very ambitious project that was launched in 2022. It is a league that was played at 10 different locations, in ten cities. Over ten weekends, Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar, Vinkovci, Vukovar, Osijek, Zagreb, Karlovac, and Umag alternated as hosts, while the league final was played in the legendary Arena in Puka.

The winner of the tour won a ticket to the Masters in Paris, and the league also included teams from outside Croatia and achieved great success already in its first season.

Find more details about the next edition of the event here.

Hakl na Taksiju

The legendary tournament in Zagreb is one of the best in Croatia, and was even recognized by Nike in this video:

The ninth edition has already been announced for June 16 and 17, 2023, and you can find more details about applications, prizes and the always popular entertainment program here.

Crosscity Buckets Križevci

We are the streets! For ten years now, this slogan symbolizes that Križevci host a high-quality 3×3 basketball tournament, which has managed to rise from the local level to the point where the best ballers from Croatia compete there. This year, the 11th edition will be held (June 9-11, 2023), and here are the details:

Streetball OG

Basketball club Ogulin is the founder of this great tournament, and in 2022, the organizers installed a new rubber surface according to highest FIBA standards, so the court looks amazing. Another cool feature of the Streetball OG tournament in Ogulin is that, in addition to the senior competition, there is a tournament for women, juniors and veterans, and all categories always offer entertaining basketball, drawing a large number of spectators.

3BL Croatia

3BL Croatia is the first 3×3 professional basketball league launched by the Croatian Basketball Association and 3BL Croatia. The league will start in 2023 and will be played in nine Croatian cities. Renowned Croatian players are also backing  this project – Toni Kukoč as league ambassador and Damjan Rudež as the commissioner. Learn more here.

Sisak hakl

The tournament was launched in 2022, and after excellent results, the second edition will be held on June 17, 2023. In addition to the senior tournament, a tournament for boys/girls up to 14 years of age will also be organized this year.

Lipik 3×3 Challenger

Although there is currently no information available about the next edition of this legendary tournament, in which even a former NBA player played as well as many of teams from all over the the world, we recommend you follow them here for potential updates:

It is obvious that the interest for 3×3 basketball in Croatia is growing! It is great that the tournaments are well organized, s we hope that all of this will create opportunities for more and more players to play 3×3 basketball professionally, because at the global level and for quite some time, professional basketball players are not only those who play 5×5 basketball, as other options now exist.