Grosbasket and Cedevita Olimpija hand in hand

Grosbasket and Cedevita Olimpija excited to announce their strategic partnership

Because of the basketball that unites us, we have been looking for a partnership for some time, but we have realised that it is not the only thing that unites us. We both realise that the club and the shop are not just that, they are more than a club, they are more than a shop, they are community builders, they are community basketball connectors.

We are happy that we have found a common ground that is not just about basketball, it is about supporting our local club, young players and the future of basketball in this area and spreading the passion for basketball, all and all building a basketball community.

Together we will build a strong basketball community that will support Olimpija and basketball at every step. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for all fans who want more than just a win. Fans who want good basketball, fans who want basketball courts full of basketball fans, fans who will fill Stožice with us.

Together we will create something special – for basketball, for Olimpija fans and for basketball as a whole.

Foto: Aleš Fevžer

Entering the summer of freshness

The Cedevita Olimpija basketball team has had a season full of turmoil. Unfortunately, the pace was dictated mainly by numerous injuries and even a change of coach, but at the end of the season the club can boast of winning the national and cup title, as well as being among the top four teams in the Adriatic competition. But the end of the season also came with new refreshments with a new sports director Vlado Ilievski and the new head coach of the national team Simone Pianigiani, they were officially presented to the public for the first time.

Foto: Aleš Fevžer

Cedevita Olimpija President Emil Tedeschi looks back at the past season and outlines plans for the future

The audience was welcomed by the alpha and omega of the Ljubljana club, President Emil Tedeschi, who is always honest and presents a realistic view of the situation.

“Cedevita Olimpija’s first cycle was not easy, but I’m proud of it because we achieved everything we said we would. We brought basketball back to Ljubljana. We have created an even stronger club. We managed to sell out the arena three times, which may seem small to many, but let’s remember that we also had two seasons that were strongly influenced by COVID, the first of which completely halted the sporting competitions, while the second allowed the audience to gradually return. We have proved that we are true to our word. By merging the two clubs, we have closed all the financial liabilities of the old Olimpija and the old Cedevita. Not a cent of debt was left behind. At a time where clubs are leaving competitions because of the burden, I consider that our club has done a remarkable job. But we are an ambitious organisation and now we are announcing a new three-year cycle, with new, charismatic faces, a new coach and a new sporting director,”

says Tedeseci. At the same time, he has not forgotten to look to the future.

Foto: Aleš Fevžer

“We remain true to our vision, which is to become the strongest small club in Europe. That should show our modesty and our reality in understanding the word small. It does not mean a weak club, but a club that can compete with the giants. We cannot catch the latter in resources, but we can catch them in transparency and we can beat them on the floor. Our club is not afraid of anyone.”

Cedevita Olimpija CEO looks back at the key factors of last season

Davor Užbinec addressed the participants, focusing on the last season:

“We are delighted to enter a new cycle of Cedevita Olimpija’s work in the beautiful Grosbasket Ljubljana sports shop, which is considered one of the best not only in Slovenia, but in the whole region. I am pleased that at the end of the last season we found a mutual way of collaboration, which I believe will be beneficial for both sides. I also believe that this is not our last club event in this shop. It has been a challenging season, perhaps the most difficult since I have been in charge of this club. Even in the last game, Edo Murić was injured and will probably miss the whole season. In the European Cup, we did not manage to make it to the second round of the competition. The main reason is, of course, the turbulence caused by injuries. In the ABA League we achieved what we wanted. We are proud that 39,000 people watched our semi-final series against Partizan Mozzart Bet and that the whole hall supported us and gave us the strength to play against Partizan. In the national championship we faced a tough opponent in the final, Helios Suns. I would like to thank the coaching staff, headed by Miro Alilovic, who sat on the hot seat and brought the season to a successful conclusion. I would also like to thank the sporting director Sani Bečirović, who also expressed his wish for us to stand on opposite sides of the Euroleague and we also wish that day to come soon.”

Foto: Aleš Fevžer

New Cedevita Olimpija coach and sport director

Vlado Ilievski returns to the Ljubljana club, for the first time as the sporting director, and together with the new head coach, he will form the team we will see on the floor next season.

“I am very grateful to return to the club that has given me the most in my career and put me on the European map. Thank you to everyone who offered me the opportunity. I have the greatest memories when we talk about Olimpija, but I also spent one season in Zagreb playing for Cedevita and I still have a good relationship with the club’s management from that time. I will work together with the coach with whom I have achieved the biggest success in my playing career. He gave me the opportunity to play in a top team that also made it to the Euroleague final. We will do everything we can to make it a great pleasure to watch our team next season. I promise to put all my energy into the club. Ljubljana and Olimpija as a club will always be in my heart and I will do my best to make the next cycle a success and to take basketball to an even higher level. I really believe in that.”

Ilievski said.

Foto: Aleš Fevžer

The Dragons will be managed from the bench by the seasoned Simone Pianigiani

The Italian strategist, who achieved his greatest successes with Siena and the Italian national team, is looking forward to new challenges with Cedevita Olimpija.

Foto: Aleš Fevžer

“”I would like to thank the club for the opportunity. I am happy to be part of such a good project. Everybody usually says something positive on such occasions, but this time it is not only that. I think this is a really special project. There are not many clubs in Europe that have a real vision. The latter and stability are often more important than the budget. Slovenia is the land of basketball. Everybody is trying to win the next game, the next season, but here we are focusing on stability and vision. The people in the club are very capable and know what they are doing. They have a great commitment to the club and they are happy to work. That is why the club is highly respected in Europe. In my career, I have only ever taken on challenges that can offer me something more in my career, and in this case it is exactly that. It is more than just basketball, it is a sport and an organisation for the future. I am excited to be working with Vlad and I am excited about the learning that this new challenge brings. I have fond memories of Ljubljana throughout my career, and the city itself is very beautiful. I know that the first season will be very challenging because we are starting something new and we will be working with some young players who need time to develop into top basketball players. I can only promise you that we will work hard and with full energy to achieve the best possible results.”

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