Discover the ultimate blend of style and performance with our Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX Basketball Shoe Review. Explore cutting-edge technology, durability, and court-ready traction, and find out why these kicks are a slam dunk for ballers and style enthusiasts alike.

When it comes to basketball shoes that seamlessly blend style and performance, the Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX stands out

In this review, we’ll dive into the key features, performance on the court, and style of the Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX basketball shoe.

Whether you’re a dedicated baller or simply looking for a stylish everyday shoe, read on to discover why the Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX deserves a spot in your rotation.

Key Features

The kicks incorporate full-length CX Foam cushioning and a forefoot Nike Zoom Air unit which does wonders for comfort and responsiveness. With every step, you’ll feel the difference in performance.

Built to withstand the demands of the basketball court, these shoes feature a robust and durable polyester upper. You can count on them to last through intense games and practices.


The outsole’s multidirectional traction pattern provides excellent grip on the court, ensuring you can make quick cuts and moves without slipping.

It is quite possible that the shoe could be used outdoors as well, based on initial results. However, as always, keep in mind that this will speed up the wear and tear.

Performance on the court

The Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX truly shines on indoor basketball courts. The Trilliant CX technology offers great cushioning, reducing the impact on your joints during jumps and landings.

The shoe’s exceptional support keeps your feet stable, enhancing your performance during high-intensity plays. Plus, the outstanding traction ensures you maintain control even on dirtier/dustier courts.


Beyond the court, these sneakers make a bold fashion statement. The sleek, modern design, combined with the iconic Converse branding, ensures you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Available in a range of bold colorways inspired by poisonous frogs, you can choose the one that matches your style.

2-for-1 special

You can “play” even more with how this basketball shoe looks because of the Aero Jam-inspired removable lace cover. We are very much in favor of this since it is a relatively simple, yet elegant solution.

In case you were wondering, the Converse Aero Jam is a classic basketball shoe that gained popularity in the early 1990s. It’s known for its distinctive design and features, making it an iconic choice for sneaker collectors.

The Aero Jam gained popularity due to its association with NBA legend Larry “Grandmama” Johnson who wore them while playing for the Charlotte Hornets.

The Converse Aero Jam is considered a part of basketball sneaker history, representing the bold and dynamic design trends of the early ’90s. We can conclude that this trend received a great 2020’s refresh with the Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX.

Slam dunk of a choice

In conclusion, the Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX basketball shoe is a perfect blend of style and performance. Its amazing technology, durable construction, and exceptional traction make it a top choice for serious basketball players.

Plus, its fashionable design ensures you’ll look good while dominating the court. Upgrade your game and style with the Converse All Star BB Trilliant CX – it’s a slam dunk choice for anyone seeking top-tier basketball shoes.