The beloved star of the home team, Luka Dončić, returned to Madrid to play a friendly match between his current and former clubs. The capital of Spain holds exceptional memories for him, and his reception in Madrid was just as special as he is.

Teams already in the phase of playing friendly matches, game in Madrid is behind us.

Everything revolves around Luka Dončić

He was only 13 years old when the young boy from Ljubljana flew to Madrid. The rest is history. Real Madrid immediately recognized that they had lured an uncut diamond into their ranks and hoped that his career would unfold as many had predicted. They were not mistaken. Luka left an indelible mark in Spain and across Europe, winning practically everything there was to win, setting numerous records, sharing the locker room with true European basketball legends, and entering the NBA as someone who had achieved more at a young age than many do in their entire careers. Given all of this, it was not surprising that a reception was held in Madrid that would be talked about for a long time.

Like the arrival of a king

Journalists swarmed wherever Luka Dončić went. The excitement started a few days before the match between the two teams. Press conferences, meetings with former teammates, official Dallas Mavericks practices – all eyes were on one person – the Slovenian. Luka Dončić is no stranger to such scenes, but he was still moved as he answered questions about his return to what is practically his second home.

“If it weren’t for Real, I wouldn’t have made it to the NBA. This is an environment I have the fondest memories of. If I ever return to Europe, I will definitely return to Real Madrid,” Dončić said, among other things.

Unfortunately, he played for only 5 minutes

The high expectations surrounding the match between Real Madrid and the Dallas Mavericks were somewhat dampened by a minor leg muscle injury suffered by the event’s top star just before the game during one of the training sessions.

“Everyone is happy to be here, but I am the happiest. I’ve been waiting for this duel for months. It’s going to be a very special game for me. I can’t wait to step onto the court,”

said Luka Dončić a few hours before the game. At that time, he didn’t know that his return to the WiZink Center court would be exceptionally short. Despite his strong desire to play for a longer time, there were even rumors that he wanted to play for 40 minutes, the medical team cleared him for just 5 minutes of playing time in the exhibition game. Nevertheless, it was a side game that, besides its friendly nature, didn’t mean much more or less, and his contract with the team was so significant that worsening the injury posed a significant risk to both the club and the player. In his five minutes on the court in Real Madrid’s arena, the audience’s favorite attempted 6 shots at the basket, making three three-pointers and delivering an excellent assist, so the spectators weren’t entirely deprived of a spectacle. The final victory remained at home, and Real Madrid defeated an NBA team for the second time in a row, just as they did in a match years ago when Luka was still playing for them.


127:123 (38:37, 27:34, 25:28, 37:24) Campazzo 20, Poirier and Llull 19 each, Yabusele 18, Fernandez 14; Hardaway 21, Powell, Exum, and Curry 13 each, Dončić 9.

Wembanyama is already showing his strength!

Other NBA teams have also entered the phase of playing preseason games. The most attention in this stage is given to the rookies in the league who are making their debut in the world’s strongest basketball league. The French wonder boy, Victor Wembanyama, receives the most attention from the public. He is already displaying his incredible talent with numerous moves that are thrilling audiences in the arenas. The 7-foot-tall center, who is anything but typical, scored 23 points and had 4 blocks in a preseason game against last year’s finalists from Miami. Concerns about his physical readiness and the potential for serious injuries are understandable, but the Frenchman, whom his compatriots recently named the best French basketball player at just 19 years of age, takes exceptional care of his body with precision and diligence. Nothing is left to chance. Due to his lean physique, many believe he won’t be able to play the center position, but his new coach disagrees.

“He will play at both positions (center and power forward). It will depend on the opponents. It’s clear that he’s a talented player who modestly seeks his place, Popovich said about the new star in his team.

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