The Air Jordan XXXVIII is a groundbreaking basketball shoe that celebrates MJ’s greatness. If you’re a serious baller, the Air Jordan XXXVIII is a must-have for indoor play, offering both style and performance.

You should definitely put the AJ 38s on your basketball shoe of the year radar. Find out why!

Just as the Chicago Bulls announced that this is the year of His Airness, the Jordan Brand joined in on the celebrations by launching one of the best flagship models from MJ’s line of basketball shoes. The Air Jordan XXXVIII is a game-changer, designed to take your skills to the next level.

At the same time, the design is both visually appealing while also telling a great story. In this review, we’ll dive into the features, comfort, performance, and style of this instant classic.

The story behind the basketball shoe

Ever since the Air Jordan 31s and each model after them were produced, they included details connecting them to a pair released exactly 30 years ago. This year, these details might be minor, but the story telling is amazing!

The AJ 38s include details that tell the story of MJ’s epic ’92 – ’93 season and his historic NBA Finals performance against the Phoenix Suns. Jordan had this stat line in the six game series that brought Chicago it’s first three-peat:

  • 41 ppg (highest ever scoring average in NBA Finals history)
  • 8,5 rpg
  • 6,3 apg
  • 1,7 spg
  • 50,8% field goal percentage
  • 40% three-point percentage

The shoe’s upper includes parts that symbolize most of these amazing achievements in a subtle, yet great looking way.

The design

Speaking of the upper, it is a combination of synthetic leather, mesh and embroidered materials. Not only does this look great, but it is combined in a way that is completely focused on making the AJ 38 extremely lightweight and breathable. This approach is applied on the tongue, as well.

Furthermore, the materials are durable while providing great foot stability, and a lot of fans will be happy to know that the entire basketball shoe is made from at least 20 percent recycled material (by weight).

The traction

Perhaps this part can be considered a throwback to the past as well, because a pretty classic and straightforward herringbone pattern was used. The results we experienced during in-store testing were off the charts!

Now is a good time to stress that there should be almost no reason to wear these basketball shoes outdoors. Just trust us on this one and thank us later for being able to use the Air Jordan XXXVIII for as long as possible.

Once we look past the traction, we are finally getting close to this model’s biggest innovation.

The X-Plate

Not only is this technology connected to the cross straps from the AJ 8s, it is also inspired by Michael Jordan’s footwork and one of his deadliest moves – the fadeaway.

Here’s a breakdown of the fadeaway shot:

  • Body Position: MJ typically started the move with his back to the basket, often posting up against a defender. He used his body to create space and gain an advantage over his opponent.
  • Pivot: To create separation from the defender, Jordan would pivot on one foot.
  • Jumping Backwards: The key to the fadeaway shot was Jordan’s ability to jump away from the defender while still maintaining his balance and control of the ball.
  • Release: MJ had a high release point on his jump shot, which made it difficult for defenders to block his shot or contest it effectively.
  • Wrist and Follow-Through: The perfect shooting form, with a flick of the wrist and a smooth follow-through, ensured accuracy and consistency.
  • Fall-Away: After releasing the ball, Jordan would often fall backward, which gave the shot its name. This falling motion made it even more challenging for defenders to contest the shot.

The X-Plate extends under the forefoot and midfoot with the goal of improving your control and jumping ability, which is exactly what you need to become a midrange maestro.

The cushioning

This part of the basketball shoe is almost equally impressive since it includes the popular Zoom Strobel technology in the form of a full-length unit. For an even better responsive performance, full-length Cushlon 3.0 foam is also used.

It will be almost impossible for anyone to find a better, more comfortable setup than this one.

Final advice

If you are a serious baller, this is the shoe for all your indoor needs! The sizing is regular and we already have some great looking colorways available. All you have to do is try them out and you will definitely share our excitement about the amazing Air Jordan XXXVIII basketball shoe.