This super nice pair of new kicks from Jordan Brand and Zion Williamson could be a sign of great things that are coming.

A look at the Zion 3 basketball shoe by Jordan Brand as a symbol of change and innovation on the court

Zion Williamson has been under the spotlight for a very long time. It basically made perfect sense for him to team up with Jordan Brand as soon as he joined the NBA. So far, the first two models from his signature sneaker line have been popular with fans and players. Still, it seems that the Zion 3 could even outperform them.


Going back to the spotlight that Zion Williamson lives under, he has also received significant criticism for his frequent injuries (which is not completely fair). What’s even worse, this summer brought him some off-court drama. We will not go into details here.

However, the details we will be getting into are related to his newest basketball shoe, and it is our opinion that the main message of the model is – change. It looks like Zion is ready to dedicate himself even more to improving physically and as a player. On top of that, he is most definitely ready to leave all the noise behind him.

Basketball shoes as a symbol of change

So, this change or evolution is seen right away in the Zion 3 silhouette which is more sleek and less robust than that of its predecessors. Of course, the sneaker is still focused on providing stability and support to players who play an explosive style of basketball, just as Zion Williamson does.

The tech

Then, there is the technology which offers great support to these main goals of the Zion 3 basketball shoe. The forefoot Zoom Air unit does a great job of providing responsiveness. The Formula 23 foam expands on this with bringing comfort and also excellent movement control.

It is important to point out that the tech is part of drop-in midsole which means that if you normally use your own insole, these shoes might not be the ideal option because you would be removing the tech out the shoe. To get an even better understanding of this, make sure to check out our review/presentation video:

Going back to theme of change, the Zion 3 brings your feet as close as possible to the court and as low as never before in the signature line. This emphasizes and improves the overall control features of the basketball shoe.

Another element of control is also the traction and we were happy to discover a herringbone pattern at the bottom of the kicks.

The looks

The upper of the Zion 3 basketball sneaker is made up from durable material aimed at providing great containment and ventilation. A really cool feature is a mud-like splatter made with 3D imaging to send a clear message.

“I made it out of the mud,” Zion said in reference to his basketball journey.

The upper is further enhanced with lateral Z-shaped TPU panels which both look nice and provide even more containment.

What now?

We hope that you will have a chance to visit one of Grosbasket stores in Croatia, Hungary or Slovenia and try these great shoes on that also show promise when it comes to using them for other indoor sports or workouts in the gym. In case going online is your only option you will almost definitely have to buy a pair that is at least a half-size up from your regular size.

As far as Zion is concerned, we just wish him the best of luck with staying healthy and drama-free. Together with him, Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum, the New Orleans Pelicans could be a dangerous team in the stacked Western Conference for the 23-24 NBA season. Zion’s next chapter could be exciting!