Discover the right basketball sneakers for your style of play. Choose from a variety of technologies like Nike Zoom Air, React Foam and UA Flow and ensure comfort and support. Visit the Grosbasket store for expert advice and try out the sneakers on the indoor court. Unlock your full potential on the basketball court with the right sneakers.

Basketball is a dynamic sport that requires players to move quickly, with skill and excellent agility. When it comes to playing basketball, equipment plays a key role in achieving top results and providing the best experience on the court. Of all the equipment a basketball player uses, basketball sneakers are certainly one of the most important.

The right basketball shoes can improve your playing skills, reduce the chances of injury and increase your comfort during the game. It is crucial to pay attention to several factors when choosing basketball shoes that will ensure comfort, stability and in-game performance.

Factors to consider when selecting basketball shoes

Each player has their own unique playing style. If you’re fast and agile, you may need sneakers that offer good support and stability, while other players who focus on jumping and blocking may look for sneakers with extra cushioning and durability. Consider your playing style and choose the sneakers that best suit your needs.

1. Fit and support:

Basketball shoes should fit your foot perfectly, without being too tight or too loose. Shoes that are too tight can cause discomfort and foot injuries, while sneakers that are too loose can lead to slipping and ankle injuries. We advise you to try the sneakers to make sure they are comfortable before you buy them, you can try the basketball shoes at our indoor court in the Grosbasket store.

2. Grip:

The sole is one of the most important parts of a basketball shoe. Players need good grip on the court, so the sneakers must be made with a good quality rubber sole for good traction on different surfaces. Choose sneakers with multi-directional grip patterns, as good traction is key for quick changes of direction and safe stopping on the court.

In addition, some players who are more prone to injury may choose sneakers with extra grip for greater stability. One of the technologies for exceptional traction is Smear Traction, which is used in the new Nike Zoom Freak 5.

3. Suspension – shock absorption:

The suspension in the shoes helps absorb the impact and shock, which is key for preventing injuries. Look for basketball sneakers with the right cushioning for your style of play.

Zoom Air:

The Nike Zoom Air is an air cushioning technology designed primarily for sports where quick changes of direction are crucial, including basketball. The small air units are positioned closer to the foot, allowing for more precise reactivity and greater control when moving on the court. The technology delivers explosive performance and comfort that lasts throughout the entire game.

Sneakers with this technology include the Luka 2, LeBron XXI, KD 16, Nike G.T. Jump 2, Jordan 38 Low and many more.

React Foam:

Nike React Foam is a lightweight and durable material used to build the midsole. This foam provides responsiveness and high-energy responsiveness, which helps with performance on fast breaks and dunks.

Sneakers with this technology include the Nike G.T. Cut 2, Zion 3, Sabrina 1 and many more.

UA Flow:

Under Armour Flow technology provides good grip, flexibility and durability while making the sneaker lightweight. It’s not extremely bouncy, but it absorbs shock very well with very little strain, helping your feet move from one step to the next as quickly as possible.

Sneakers with this technology include Curry Flow 10, UA Flow FUTR X 3


Although originally developed for running, Adidas Boost technology is gaining popularity among basketball players. Boost is a soft and responsive material that provides excellent cushioning and spring suspension. It increases comfort and energy recovery and reduces foot strain during the game.

Sneakers with this technology include the Trae Young 3

4. Materials

Quality materials are key for the longevity of sneakers. When choosing a material, it is also important to consider personal preferences and needs in terms of comfort, support and durability. Sneakers made of durable materials such as leather or synthetic materials can provide long-lasting comfort and durability. It is also important that sneakers allow good breathability to prevent excessive sweating and odour.


First choice for players looking for durability and stability. It fits perfectly to the foot and moulds over time for a better feeling comfort and fit. Best suited for players who take quick and powerful movements

Synthetic materials:

Synthetic materials such as mesh and synthetic leather are often lighter than traditional leather and allow better ventilation for the feet. Best suited for basketball players who focus on speed and agility.

Plaited materials:

They are becoming increasingly popular due to their light, flexible and breathable design. They provide good support and stability, which is useful for players who focus on agility and speed.

Tips for buying basketball shoes:

  • You can test the shoes on the Grosbasket indoor court to make sure they are comfortable and fit properly before you buy them. You can also order them online and exchange them for the right size free of charge if they are the wrong size.
  • Ask an expert for advice. At Grosbasket, our sales consultants will be happy to help you choose the right basketball shoes.
  • Match your choice of basketball sneakers to your style of play; fast players will need sneakers for quick changes of direction, while stronger players will appreciate shoes with extra support.

With these helpful guidelines, you’ll be able to confidently choose the right basketball shoes that will help you stand out on the court while keeping your feet comfortable and safe. And if you have any other questions, we’re always here to help you out on our social media channels or in the Grosbasket store.