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What are cookies and why are they important?

A cookie is a short text file that a website sends to a web browser after you visit it. Cookies are stored in the browser’s directory. After you visit the website again, the website can recognise you and enables a more user-friendly and simple online service. Cookies do not store information that could be used to recognise individuals, because only coded information is used. We use cookies to change content on our website and record your preferences and visits to our online store. Using our website with cookies can thus be nicer, faster and especially more efficient. 

If you wish to use the complete functionality and content of our website, you need to enable cookies. If you disable cookies, the functionality of our website and your user experience can be limited.


CARTConnection to your cart. 
CATEGORY_INFOStores information on the categories of the website,
enabling faster load times.
COMPAREProducts in the category "Compare products". 
CURRENCYYour currency. 
CUSTOMERYour coded store ID. 
CUSTOMER_AUTHIndicator that tells if you are logged in the store. 
CUSTOMER_INFOCoded version of your group of buyers. 
CUSTOMER_SEGMENT_IDSStores segmented user IDs. 
EXTERNAL_NO_CACHEFlag that tells if "caching" is disabled or not. 
FRONTENDYour ID of the server session. 
GUEST-VIEWAllows a guest to edit his order. 
LAST_CATEGORYLast visited category. 
LAST_PRODUCTLast viewed item. 
NEWMESSAGEIndicates if you received a new massage. 
NO_CACHEIndicates if "cache" is allowed. 
PERSISTENT_SHOPPING_CARTConnection to the information in your cart and the history of your views, if you requested it. 
POLLID of the last survey that you took part in. 
POLLNInformation on which surveys you took part in. 
RECENTLYCOMPAREDProducts that you last compared. 
STFInformation on products that you sent to your friends by email. 
STOREView of the store or the language that you chose. 
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIEIndicates if the user allowed cookies to be used. 
VIEWED_PRODUCT_IDSProduct that you last viewed. 
WISHLISTCoded list of products that you added to your wish list. 
WISHLIST_CNTNumber of products on your wish list. 
_gaDistinguishes between individual visitors of the website by allocating anonymised numbers and following visits of the website and the session of visitors.2 years after installation
_utmaDistinguishes between individual visitors and sessions by allocating anonymised numbers to browsers to follow the number and the duration of visits.2 after installation/update
_utmbCookies _utmb and utmc_ work together. The first one detects the time of arrival to the website and the second one the time of leaving the website.30 minutes after installation/update
_utmcCookies _utmb and utmc_ work together. The first one detects the time of arrival to the website and the second one the time of leaving the website.Until the end of the browser’s session
_utmzThe cookie records where a visitor came from, which search engine and keywords were used, which link was clicked and the geographical location at the time of visiting the website. This way it can be shown what source can be credited for reaching a planned number of visitors.6 months after installation/update
_utmvThis cookie gets installed if we use user specified reports for tailor-made segmentations in Google Analytics. The cookie gets installed to enable Analytics to allocate visitors. 2 years after installation/update
Google Ads Pageview statistics and sales analysis. Check here
GLAMI Pixel Pageview statistics and sales analysis. 1-365 days
Sendinblue tracker Pageview statistics and sales analysis. 1 year

Last updated: 25 February 2020