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An unprecedented event!! In the galleries below you can see some of the captured moments of the Grosbasket 3x3 tournament, Luka 2 Lake Bled event, basketball clinic, Fun Zone, shooting competition and other photos from the sidelines.

Grosbasket 3x3 tournament

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LUKA 2 BLED: Grosbasket Basketball Extravaganza on the Enchanting Surface of Lake Bled!

Get ready for a remarkable day of basketball on Saturday, September 16th, on Lake Bled, a jewel in the heart of the Slovenian Alps. At this captivating occasion we will see the international Grosbasket 3x3 basketball tournament's court being set up on the tranquil surface of a lake, creating a breathtaking floating arena. Amidst this stunning backdrop, young basketball talents will bring their A-game, competing fiercely for the coveted 1st place title.

Beyond the exhilaration of basketball, this event marks a remarkable partnership between Jordan Brand, Grosbasket, and the unveiling of the extraordinary Luka 2 Bled. It's a celebration that fuses the iconic Jordan legacy with Grosbasket, resulting in the creation of the phenomenal Luka 2 Bled sneakers. Cooperation has given birth to the remarkable basketball sneaker LUKA 2 LAKE BLED, carrying the enchantment of the Slovenian lake throughout the world.

The Jordan brand has become a part of the collective memory of all basketball enthusiasts and masters of the game under the hoops and Air Jordan sneakers remain the dreams of every child and adult to this day. The new generation of Luka Dončić's sneakers, named LUKA 2 LAKE BLED, has imprinted Slovenia in its DNA. Luka paid homage to the country not only through its name but also with a color palette of bright polar, scarlet, and various shades of blue. The latter have been enhanced by at least 20% recycled material in the American sports footwear institution, further committing to sustainability, which Slovenia is also following.




The participating teams

Men's teams

  • Bine Gabrijel
    Mark Morano Mahmutović
    Žan Durkić
    Samba Djibril Gueye

  • Leon Jereb
    Nik Jović
    Amadej Štular
    Samed Grošić

  • Grega Jordan
    Val Gregorič
    Sergej Ljubenović
    Matic Lojk

  • Mata Vidković
    Luka Špika
    Luka Rejo
    Bartol Mišir

  • Ivan Bošnjak
    Sven Marković
    Lovro Mrgan
    Pavao Močnik

  • Levente Farkas
    Bendeguz Köbli
    Csanád Sahin-Tóth
    Martin Scheiber

  • Márton Szendrő
    Zsombor Sziffer
    Félix Grasanovics
    Izodor Horváth

  • Omar Al Alosy
    Alexander Porfilio
    Daniele Di Giovanni
    Emanuele Vegliò

  • Francesco Frosini
    Massimo Frosini
    Mattia Mecenero
    Alberto Bracesco

  • Zackary Hamouda
    Yanis Kertousi
    Ailan Courtilien
    Emrick Miyamu

    Hugo Bonnaventure (Coach)

Women's teams

  • Maša Krivokapić
    Mia Jančič
    Anja Močnik
    Eva volovšek

  • Nika Ocvirk
    Gaja Urlep
    Tara Jazbec
    Nika Blagus

  • Estera Katanović
    Gabrijela Culina
    Tara Maha
    Tea Hegedić
    Saša Sikić (Coach)

  • Virág Kiss
    Fanni Sonkoly
    Panka Batáky
    Lilla Jagodics

  • Stella Maria Parlanti
    Sharon Pirillo
    Diana Tanasa

  • Ruth Ngoy
    Sally Fofana
    Victoria Mongelema
    Mendy Espérance

    Agnès Sylvestre (Coach)

Sneaker presentation

Dončić's new shoe line by Jordan Brand celebrates Slovenia

Jordan Brand meticulously crafted the Luka 2, the second edition of Luka Dončić's signature shoe. The collection also features the distinctive Slovenia-inspired colourway.

Luka Dončić's unparalleled playing style sets him apart, showcasing his impeccable control of the court. Recognizing the significance of his impact, the Jordan Brand design team meticulously crafted the second installment of his signature shoe, the Luka 2. This new line features five distinct versions, each with its own unique name. From the perspective of a Slovenian, attention is drawn to the version dubbed "Lake Bled". This particular design draws inspiration from the picturesque Lake Bled, one of the iconic destinations in Slovenia. The model pays tribute to his home country and is noteworthy for its utilization of recycled materials, showcasing Dončić's commitment to sustainability.

Alongside the distinctive Slovenia-inspired edition, the upcoming Luka 2 collection will encompass four additional variations. Among them, the 'Luk.AI' shoe holds significance as it has already graced Dončić's feet on the court towards the end of the season, featuring a design inspired by artificial intelligence. The Quai 54 model takes its name from a renowned street basketball tournament, while the Nebula design delves into the realm of cosmic aesthetics. Lastly, the Matador shoe serves as a nostalgic homage to Dončić's formative years at Real Madrid.

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Event Partners

I Feel Slovenia

Welcome to Slovenia, homeland of Luka Dončić

The green heart of Europe combines four different worlds into a magnificent symphony that can be felt in culture, gastronomy and natural wonders. Everyone can find something for themselves. Whether you enjoy walking well-trodden paths or prefer to turn off the beaten track, you will find stunning beauty and boutique experiences tailored just for you everywhere you go.

Slovenia, a land with a sporting heart, awaits you.

Get to know Luka Doncic's home country

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Luka Dončić collection